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Advice for c section with history

Hi my last baby was infected with strep b, thankfully fully recovered. I'm now on my 3rd pregnancy. 38 weeks 4 days at the moment. Private test positive for strep b in both vagina and rectum at 36 weeks. Last urine sample last week also showed strep b present... Although I was not informed of this! I have an elective section planned for 39 weeks and 2 days due to previous 3rd degree tear. Consultant said we can ignore strep b due to section but I am very concerned, I appear to be heavily colonised currently experiencing pains and inflammation of uterus. Concerned about it crossing fluid etc. What should I be asking for to protect baby? Nothing on offer at the moment, but seeing consultant tomorrow.

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Hi Louise - Congrats on your pregnancy. If you're experiencing anything unusual, including pain/inflammation, please do seek advice from your health professionals. The golden rule in pregnancy is 'if in doubt, check it out' and, if there's any history of group B Strep, mention it when you do.

To answer your specific questions:

1. if GBS is detected in the urine, it should be treated with oral antibiotics at the time of diagnosis PLUS mum should be offered intravenous antibiotics asap once she goes into labour.

2. The trigger for the intravenous antibiotics is labour starting - if you're having an elective Caesarean section, then it's extremely unlikely that your labour has started or waters will have broken, so the antibiotics won't be triggered.

Do visit our webpage for a summary of the current UK guidelines, and there's a lot more detail/questions answered at

Or, of course, call us on 01444 416176 :)

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