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Pregnant with 2nd baby and 1st baby has strep b

Hi I'm 17 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child, when I had my 1st after being induced we ended up having an emergency c section as the baby was distressed, she was a big baby (10 lbs 1oz) so they monitored her blood sugars they were 2.1 and not going up after feeding, so they moved her to neonatal after lots of test they said she had strep b and moved her to a different hospital which had better facility's to deal with her condition, shortly after I was diagnosed with sepsis aswell. I'm not really sure what to expect with my 2nd child, the obstrition said I will be given antibotic and I'm planning to have a planned c section this time, will the baby end up in the neonate again? Is there any tests they can do on me to see if we will have strep b this time?

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Hi I also had strep b with my pregnancy had a natural but first was born at 25 week.strep b was also found in my subsequent pregnancies I went on to have 3 more after all of which I had iv antibiotics.I would tell them you had strep b and they will prob do a swab test to see if still present.I even had to tell them though when I was in labour I had strep for them to give me antibiotics as obviously they hadn't read my notes .You will I gather be better as your section is planned so you will get antibiotics. As for the special care I should think it depends on what your delivery is like etc but they might do it as a precaution .Mine wasn't taken to scbu though just checked over and had to stay for a day after giving birth,hope this helps,and that you have a healthy baby all the best


Hi I had a very different experience to yours my first baby was born with no problems what so ever I had a natural delivery he had a little bit of suction when he was born but that was it, then I miscarried between having my son and falling pregnant with my daughter Olivia, with Olivia I had no idea through my whole pregnancy I had step B or even what it was, when she was born she was extreamly ill and she had to go scbu and was there a few days before she was discharged on to the maternity ward with me, she then developed it again at 7 weeks old and had another longgg stay in hospital, thankfully she is better now, I did have a meeting with the scbu consultant after I had her to find out more about strep b, although I was under the impression if u have had strep B u can not have a c section, maybe I'm wrong though, there's so many aspects to strep B I never knew until getting in touch with the foundation, I have been told future pregnancies I'll need IV antibiotics during labour, i found it so scary the whole thing I'm too scared to even think of having another baby, I do hope all goes well with this pregnancy and your labour xx


We had no idea either that we had step b during the pregnancy and was never tested for it and still haven't been, I spoke to the obstrition the other week who said its safer to have a planned c section with strep b as they will give you IV antibotics started 1hr before you go in for section where as if it's natural there a chance you could going labour without the antibotic, like few other people on her I've asked my midwife and she said ask your obstrition what the plan would be. I've spoken to the obstrition but no mention of a strep b test was or has ever been mentioned before?


Dear Monty_special43

Apologies it's taken so long to respond to your query.

Congratulations on your pregnancy and I'm so sorry to hear of the problems you and your first baby had after her birth. What a nightmare.

UK guidelines are that, because your baby was diagnosed with GBS infection, then for any subsequent children you should be offered intravenous antibiotics once labour has started. When you have an elective Caesarean section, they're normally done before labour starts, which is why the antibiotics against GBS infection in the baby aren't routinely given.

It's unlikely that this baby will develop GBS infection, particularly as you and all your health professionals will be especially on the alert for the first signs & symptoms of GBS infection because of what happened last time.

Yes, there are tests which can establish whether you're carrying GBS this pregnancy - because carriage can come and go, they're best done in the last 5 weeks before delivery (countries which offer these routinely do so at 35-37 weeks of pregnancy). See for the NHS trusts and private organisations which offer the sensitive Enriched Culture Medium (or ECM) test for GBS carriage - this is the 'gold standard' for detecting GBS carriage and, at present, isn't widely used within the NHS.

Hope that's helpful and of course any questions to please let us know.

You may also find the pregnancy page on our website useful - and the FAQ page -


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