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New to Lung Fungal Infections

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I am scared and wondering if anyone has had a similar experience. I started coughing up large, white, solid, branched mucus plugs. The plugs were tested negative for infection or viral issues. My Doctor decided to have me give a new sample to test for fungus. Weeks passed and I get a call from the Doctor that the test was positive for fungus. A couple weeks later the same lab called her at midnight on a Saturday night as an emergency to tell her the fungus grew hyphae (not sure that’s an emergency, just the way it was told to me). They only identified the fungus as Penicillium type, which has like 300 species. I have to wait another few weeks for the hyphae to produce spores for them to determine the species of penicillin. I haven’t been able to cough out anymore mucus plugs. I’ve had sharp and itching pain in lung either from one trying to come out or maybe allergic inflammation. I’m so scared. There’s is so much information out there on Aspergillus fungal diseases, but so limited on Penicillium fungal diseases. I want to be more educated when I find out what species it is, but it’s so hard to find. I learn so much more by reading others’ personal experiences. Am I alone in this bizarre penicillium lung fungus? Any advice is appreciated.

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Hi there, having read about your situation, it seems as if you will get a full diagnosis and treatment, try not to worry, have hope you will survive this awful time, plus thousands of others are going through similar stuff. My one is a Stachybotrys strain of mycotoxin, it can cause all sorts of issues, any part of a human body that has previous illness, stress or damage, will make that vunerable to mould spores, they are not visible, so can easily be breathed in, if living in an affected property.

My only safe advice is to try and spend as much time out of your property as possible, give yourself a chance to recover, I take activated charcoal and milk thistle, both seem to help, they are not a cure, and always ask your doc if your on other medications.

Good luck and pray you recover speedily.

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You'll need to find out what it is to treat it of course, but more importantly you need to find out where it came from!!!! This means your being (or have been) exposed to fungus, most likely through a water damage. You must find the source. If it's in your home, get out!!! Don't take any items with you if it's in your house as they would be contaminated whether it looks like it or not. Don't prioritise money or loss of it over health. Loss of health leaves people in a box in the ground and you can't take stuff there either. Microbial contamination/mold/fungus/bacteria/virus/dust all snow ball together. Once a water damage happens even the dust is toxic, all release deadly vapor (VOCs). Find the source while Drs find the treatment.

It would benefit you during this time to eat no other sources of fungus, such as mushrooms, cheese etc. No drinks known to have high mold count like coffee and tea. Watch YouTube Dr Jill Carnahan. Get everything Dr Jill Carnahan and mold that you can, so many helps there!


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Lung infection by Penicillium is much rarer than infection with Aspergillus but it does happen. Penicillium is now referred to as Talaromyces - see

This fungus is treatable with several antifungal meds and your doctors will want to investigate further to see why you were infected as it often indicates a hidden cause you were not aware off - for example diabetes - that has left you a little more vulnerable to infection.

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