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If you are taken off Voriconazole due to high liver toxicity , and there is nothing left to take, due to weakness of the body . How likely is the Aspergillosis to grow again , and how long after coming off the drug , can it return .

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The answers to this are complex and best provided by your doctor. There are different forms of aspergillosis and the reason for treating and expected outcomes can also be different. If you have an acute form then care will be taken by your doctor to monitor for new growth if an antifungal drug is discontinued.

Perhaps more commonly in a forum such as this would be people with chronic forms of aspergillosis (eg ABPA, CPA, aspergilloma). With these forms long term use of an antifungal medication is often necessary. If you are unable to tolerate voriconazole your doctors will probably check that you have the correct blood levels first before stopping the drug. Once stopped there are then a few options including:

1. Wait and see - if your symptoms are stable and you feel OK then a period without the antifungal might be suggested. If this is the case return to your doctor as soon as you notice worsening of symptoms

2. Use an alternative antifungal medication such as posaconazole


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