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Help! Is this fungal?


Hi, I couldn’t get an appointment with the doctor so saw a nurse. She told me without really looking that it was fungal and gave me some cream. The next day it has spread to my other fingers and hand and both feet. It is under the skin like blood streaks and spots really deep. Picture doesn’t show really well. Any advice would be really welcomed.

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Buna, trebuie sa te vada un medic infectionist sa stabileasca diagnosticul si tratamentul. Pe langa tratament poti sa incerci produse naturiste, eu le incerc pe cele de la nutramedix.

Can you post better photo's please? Feet soles or upper foot?

Do you have any other signs, e.g. internal like coated tongue or thrush?

Fungal infections are often slow to spread.

Bloody streaks under the skin you mention.. ensure you rule out scabies, which is easy treated.

There's no reason to doubt your nurse at this point because fungal infections are often slow to respond to treatment & especially if the immune system is compromised. Ensure you're not lacking in any vitamins or minerals

Your G.P needs to see anything that could be infectious in my opinion. I would book an appointment.


I don't see any sign of a fungal infection in the photo you provided, but to be sure make an appointment with your doctor for a closer examination. It is not possible to diagnose without direct examination.

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Sir, what are the signs that may indicate a "fungal infection" in this case?

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