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need to find an effective, natural cure

I have a healthy immune system. I was dx with Aspergillus Fumagatus via a blood test 6 months ago. In doing the research I discovered Aspergillus is the most researched mold because it is what penicillum is made from. I am allergic to penicillum. I am 68 and have been allergic to penicillum since my late 20's. My only symptom is yellow tinge in my mucous and having to clear my throat often and coughing up phlegm. I am taking Olive Leaf extract and oregano oil. I sequestered our house plants to an upstairs bedroom. Has anyone with this cured it naturally, without pharmaceuticals?

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I am afraid not - you might find people who have been diagnosed during an 'acute phase' of ABPA when symptoms are obvious, who then 'treat' themselves with a variety of supplements and herbs. When the symptoms subside they might claim some success but it is in the nature of the infection that the symptoms come & go to some extent so the substances they took probably made minimal impact. Symptoms will return and it is important that they are treated by a doctor.

A healthy diet and maintenance of good levels of vitamins will help, but unfortunately, the only treatments that we know will work are those available from a specialist doctor.


I'm 100% sure I have mold poisoning. Been going to doctor for 5 years and hear the same ol thing" mold will not do these things to you" ready to treat myself. Our doctors are a waste of time


There are several types of Aspergillosis so it would be helpful if you could work out which you have been diagnosed with - see aspergillus.org.uk/content/...

Also try our support groups for aspergillosis here - facebook.com/groups/aspergi...


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