Hi guys,

Please could anyone help? Has anyone experienced.....moving animals, patterning of all different types on walls and on my skin and floors and pretty much everything in front of my eyes? I’m on a Candida diet but have never experienced anything like this before. Please could anyone help?

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  • What are you taking?

  • There are several different diets that claim to reduce Candida symptoms but none are verified to work - in fact if you go to one of the most prominent 'Candida Diet' websites and visit the terms of use you will find the phrase 'YOUR USE OF THE SITE AND ITS CONTENT IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. WE DO NOT WARRANT THAT ANY CONTENT WILL MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS OR REQUIRMENTS.'

    There are lots of people who would benefit from reducing the amounts of refined sugars that they eat (as advised by most 'Candida diets') and increasing (unprocessed) fresh fruit and vegetable intake and many (most?) of us have relatively poor diets. However if you have become too extreme in restricting your diet or are taking high levels of supplements you might find that it will cause an array of peculiar symptoms

    Principle amongst those things that can cause hallucination though is depression, age, drugs, other disorders - if I were you I would seek medical assistance without delay.

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