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Hi guys,

Please could anyone help? Has anyone experienced.....moving animals, patterning of all different types on walls and on my skin and floors and pretty much everything in front of my eyes? I’m on a Candida diet but have never experienced anything like this before. Please could anyone help?

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What are you taking?

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There are several different diets that claim to reduce Candida symptoms but none are verified to work - in fact if you go to one of the most prominent 'Candida Diet' websites and visit the terms of use you will find the phrase 'YOUR USE OF THE SITE AND ITS CONTENT IS AT YOUR OWN RISK. WE DO NOT WARRANT THAT ANY CONTENT WILL MEET YOUR EXPECTATIONS OR REQUIRMENTS.'

There are lots of people who would benefit from reducing the amounts of refined sugars that they eat (as advised by most 'Candida diets') and increasing (unprocessed) fresh fruit and vegetable intake and many (most?) of us have relatively poor diets. However if you have become too extreme in restricting your diet or are taking high levels of supplements you might find that it will cause an array of peculiar symptoms

Principle amongst those things that can cause hallucination though is depression, age, drugs, other disorders - if I were you I would seek medical assistance without delay.


I had pattern like daisies on everything when I had rapid die off symptoms. Slow down the program & change your diet slowly perhaps. I use caprylic acid capsules & the only moisturiser/cream that kills the yeast in our skin is this......

Childs Farm moisturiser, grapefruit & organic tea tree oil

Black specks came up on the white patches straight away. Better than zinc moisturisers as the results are rapid.

Candida is naturally in our bodies so it's better to treat it as something we need to rebalance rather than trying to eradicate it completely.

I would be careful mentioning seeing things unless you can really trust your doctor. You don't need some narrow minded G.P noting mental problems on your record it can cause no end of problems... Morgellons are now known to be experienced by people suffering candida die-off in the skin. All these people were, and often still are, classed as nut jobs I'm afraid.


I too have been experiencing things moving in my skin. Sick with dizziness, cramping or non functioning hands, heart pain, a rash that will not go away no matter what I do.

Finally bought a microscope and see egg like things in my skin plus lots of mites moving around. Not just on my face samples either. I think they are mites anyway as they have the same type of morphology viewed at 400x. I got my boyfriend to look under scope too as my Doc didn't believe me and said I was hallucinating.

I don't do drugs or drink. Prior to this I was healthy. No complaints of anything hurting, no rashes, Not itchy at all. I am average weight at 130 lbs and 5 foot two. I believe you. I don't know that I have any advice to give though as not much of anything I have done has helped. Had an elevated WBC count in urine and blood for awhile but my last one (2 weeks ago) was normal. No arthritis, lupus, hepatitis ect.

I actually watched something move through my skin last summer and my kid saw it too as he pointed right to the line it was leaving as it raced through my skin across my abdomen. Smaller than a grain of salt it was and damn it was fast for something that small. Whipped out my cell but I only had a Samsung S3 at the time and camera resolution or my ineptitude resulted in not being able to see it on the recording. I think the only reason I saw it that day was because of the way the late afternoon sun was hitting it as it streamed through my back window.


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