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Hope I am not allergic to my dog 🐶🐶😳

Lung function test is the pits 🙄

but at least am in the chest clinic loop now.Been tested for lots of allergies including aspergillus and put on monteleukast so fingers crossed 👍🏻

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Yes an allergy to your dog would be a horrible development!

However if it was myself I'd have to find a way around it or living with it; my dog stays!

How is your dog managing in your house re mould? I hope be/she doesn't spend time in mould affected area particularly if left in house on its own for prolonged periods.


The mould was growing behind fitted wardrobes which are now a bonfire !

The mould has been removed,walls treated and special paint applied so hopefully both me and Scraps will feel better soon 👍🏻😊

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Sadly allergy to pets is one of the commonest allergies - but it is often possible to manage your allergy so that you dont have to get rid of your pet - an NHS allergist will help.

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