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Sodium bicarbonate/Dr Simoncini

There have been a few posts in this group referring to the work of Dr Simoncini using sodium bicarbonate. There is no known benefit to this treatment and several possible dangers. Amongst his claims are that cancer is, in fact, a fungus that can be cured by drinking (or even inhaling) a solution of sodium bicarbonate. This is incorrect and clearly dangerous to assume.

He has never substantiated his claims by publishing his findings in scientific media - if it were true I am sure most of us would imagine he would be inundated with enquiries from medical professionals and he would be a world leader in cancer treatment. They don't and he isn't.

Dr Simoncini was stuck off and successfully prosecuted for manslaughter in 2006 as he attempted to treat a patient for cancer using the same chemical leading to the death of the patient. It looks like there has been another case in Holland cancertreatmentwatch.org/re...

Please avoid en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tulli...

NB there is a second Dr that can be found on the internet circulating the same myth - a Dr Sircus. Both are good at circulating misinformation around the world wide web. Also ignore!

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Thanks for the warning Graham.

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Sodium bicarbonate good for cleaning drains. But as for clearing lungs! Do people really believe that??


Foodgrade bicarb soda ?? Yes as long as its aluminium free it has a whole host of beneficial uses IN the body , do your research, 👍


Yes, if I'm recalling correctly, when I was a just a youngster I remember my father taking bicarb soda for "stomach problems". A LOT of stomach problems! It must have helped for that, at least, or I should think he would have given up on the bicarb. But taking it for lungs? I've not heard of that. (My father was a heavy smoker early on in his life and later passed from Parkinson's.)


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