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Grass and ABPA

Hi. I am recently diagnosed with ABPA. I've been on prednisalone for three months with no improvement. My Dr is considering trying me on anti fungal drugs. (I'm awaiting blood and X ray results).

My question is. .I live on a non working farm where I walk my two border collies. I walk the dogs daily. There are areas of cut grass and long grass - is this a possible reason for me not responding to the steroids? I can't imagine not walking the dogs..They are my life. .my soul mates. But could this be what's adding to my illness..

I had allergy testing and am +2 allergic to dogs grass and aspergillus. (+2 is low) so I'm very confused and feeling despondent. My energy levels are rock bottom. My lungs feel bruised and sore ..any thoughts? Thank you :-)

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If you suffer from Aspergillus you should start to feel better on antifungal drugs. Best wishes

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Thank you. Willing to try anything right now .except give up the dogs .. :-) desperate for an energy boost.


If you have ABPA you are likely to go through periods were you become very sensitive to inhaling all kinds of things including odours, pollen and many more. Steroids should help. Once your doctors get on top of your symptoms this should subside and antifungal medication may help.

A good place to discuss this with other ABPA people is our active Facebook group(s) at facebook.com/groups/aspergi...

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Thank you. Reading now. :-)


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