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Hi everybody, I am desperate for some answers atm... in the last year I had my 14. infection (Urine) and also trush came with it... doctors said it is the antibiotics but I have thrush anyway doesn't matter if I take it or not.. tried to use probiotics, diet, wash my close in hot water, only wear cotton knickers... ect I tried everything I could..

2 moths ago when my urine simple came back from the hospital they said there is a bug which is unusual and it is from my digestive system. now I have to go to the doctors every month.. first appointment I had she just said I need to take some Lactulose... that didn't help at all, all the symptoms are back and I didn't even understand why do I get something to make me to the toilet more often,, I get that I have toxins in my digestive system etc but I'm still in the same condition and I don't think some Lactulose will help me.. They did not do any test except a full blood test back in 4 moths.

Does anybody has the same problem ?

Any suggestions ?

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Sorry to hear about your problems

NHS Choices say women most likely to suffer from thrush are

- 20-30 years old

-Use contraceptives containing oestrogen.

- Are pregnant

- Take antibiotics

-Poorly controlled diabetes

- Weakened Immune System

Your recurring urine infections and courses of antibiotics may indicate that you have a weakened immune system

Antifunga medications used to treat thrush include



- even amphocerin B in bad cases.

It sounds like you follow a lot of the recommended personal hygiene routines .

Tbe recurring and frequent urine infections and your immune status needs further investigation and it sounds like you need to use antifungals maybe combination.of oral and cream/pesseries ; discuss with your GP seeing a specialist in this area

Hope you get an answer soon


Some cases of thrush are difficult to treat and require a specialist. If you are close to Manchester we run a clinic for this problem, I assume other hositals do too.


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