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I have a nail fungal infection on all my toe nails, I am so embarrassed and ashamed. Never had athletes feet, I do go swimming so heaven knows where it came from. After visiting my GP at least twice and was told due to my heart medication and the side effects he could not recommend anything. I am attending a private foot fungal clinic where I live in Rayleigh. Essex. Last October I had treatment involving all my toe nails being drilled and using Lamisol twice a day, with no improvement. The cost was £300. also having to buy more Lamisol at Boots at £5.00 several times. I recently visited the clinic and have had the toe nails drilled again (at no more cost to me) and now have to use " Krystal " once a day. This cost me £15, that I have found that I can get from Amazon for £7.99. Has anyone had similar problems and any suggestions.

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This is known as onychomycosis and it can be tough to get rid of. That said your GP should be able to treat this.

Your doctor needs advice from a specialist that works with antifungal medication as there are several antifungal drugs that they might consider. Try the National Aspergilosis Centre nationalaspergillosiscentre...

Also suggest showing your doctor the following information


what if you had a fungal foot and hand infection that showed 1.75 on galactomman test? I was put on v-fend for 90 days but havent been rechecked yet. it didnt show up in my lungs, but isnt is systemic? I cant seem to get the infectious disease guy I am seeing to take this seriously. the infection in hands and feet spread deeply into surrounding soft tissue, very plant like in its growth. Awful pain. I look terrible too. help!


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