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Long Term Productive Cough

Following a cruise over 6 years a go during which there was problems with the air conditioning unit in the corridor outside my room which resulted in a very wet carpet, on returning home I developed severe catarrh which I was refereed to a consultant for. Following a number of tests I was discharged as there was no apparent cause for it. I later developed a productive cough which I have had every day since. I have no breathing problems the only other symptom I have is night sweats. I have been diagnosed as having COPD but haven't actually had any tests. Could I be suffering from Aspergillosis ?

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If you are worried please go back to your doctor to discuss this. Aspergillosis is relatively common in COPD and the only way to tell if it is involved is to carry out a series of investigations starting with an Aspergillus specific blood test and sputum culture - preferably both.


It sounds like it could be effects of mould and the toxins they produce.

The fact that you have condensation and visible mould growth means you probably also have hidden mould growing on inaccessible surfaces eg back of plasterboard walls ,even in insulation if damp enough.

We all react differently to same levels of mould and mycotoxins dependant on things like gender,exposure,genetics,underlying health etc .

The fact that your partner isnt currently showing any adverse effects to date doesnt mean he isnt damaging his health and will start to show symptoms at some point in future.Every person living in a mould affected building even if showing no overt symptoms , is being slowly poisoned with every breath they take.


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