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Oral Fungus Treatment

I'm a 29 male and I've been experiencing a white coating on the sides of my tongue and cheek for several years now. Can't remember how I got it. It gets stronger or weaker from time to time. In the morning, my tongue will be slightly whiter than usual. I have to brush heavily to get it to clear up. However, I can't get rid of the white curds along the sides. Seen several doctors and specialists about this and they haven't given me a definite solution to get rid of it. I've pretty much given up on how to cure this. I get HIV tests on a regular basis and always negative. Recently my doctor noted that my immunoglobulins were low but he wasn't sure why but everything else looked normal. My initial research led me to believe this is a form of oral candida or lichen planus. Since the tongue is a good indicator of overall health and the start of the digestive tract, could it indicate that I have a candida overgrowth inside my digestive system? Should I then conclude I also have leaky gut? Is this the auto-immune disease my doctor was referring to?

I'm not sure how all of this got started or even if the diagnosis is accurate. I was recently hospitalized because of my gallbladder and had to get it removed, but waited a week in the hospital because my pancreas was severely inflamed. I've had inflammation in the the wrist before, and even tonsillitis (all recently within the past 12 months). After my stay in the hospital, I developed gout and am currently being treated for it. I believe the inflammation could have been due to my heavy drinking in the past 4 years. I've recently stopped almost all drinking for the past 3 months now and an on a much better diet. However, I consume several cups of coffee a day, still ear carbs and sugar. Are all these related somehow to my oral health?

How do I get rid of this fungus on my mouth? I've read that a strict diet eliminating all sugar, carbs and mold (coffee/tea) is the only way to cure candida. This seems almost impossible and I feel like I'm doomed if there isn't an easier treatment.

I've tried the following herbal treatments for 30 days and seen some temporary improvement but none have worked so far to permanently cure it:

-Apple Cider Vinegar (1x day w/ water)

-Grapefruit seed extract mouth spray (2x a day)

-Neem oil liquid extract (2x a day)

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I would follow up with your doctor if you are still concerned, as only they have your full medical history.

It sounds like you are already taking steps to improve your diet and lifestyle which will help your overall health. I would suggest plenty of fresh fruit & vegetables are the way to go rather than a restricted diet as you want to boost your immune system, and limit alchohol consumption to sensible levels while it recovers.

There is very little evidence that restricted diets are useful in the scenario you describe.

This can be an indicator of something, or nothing - see


Hey Nick,

Sorry to hear your trying story. Briefly, I suggest a few pointers for your investigation & further consideration ( - on the basis that what you could have is an over-growth of oral candida, due to a weakened immune system; that's one clear possibility):

1) Find Prof Robin May's page at Birmingham Uni - & listen to his podcast from there*

2) your immune response COULD be compromised by a vitamin D dysfunction - get into this by searching "Fearless Parent November 2014 Vitamin D"* ( - introducing you to the body of medical opinion/knowledge surrounding the "MP"; all will become clear, . . . . . . and there are a few Ytube videos on the Marshall Protocol too - one of the latest is a 15 minute presentation by Marshall himself to a conference in Russia, of ?May 2015) - if this is an issue, no UK Dr is likely to be aware of it ! PACE yourself, as there IS a lot there !

3) consider a trial of probiotic capsules ( - which may have no effect either, . . . . . but you don't know until you do a trial !) - one product, offering a money back guarantee ( - but for elimination of 'athlete's foot') is Clever Cultures ( - has not worked in my case, . . . . . but you MAY consider a £20/ 2 month trial worth doing ?)

I'm INCLINED to believe the TRICK here is NOT to try to eliminate the proliferation of the oral candida ( - find pictures of this online ? ? ?), if indeed that is your issue, BUT to assist or STRENGTH the immune response which gets rid of it ( - as the MP purportedly does by unblocking VDRs) . . . . . . this will make more sense when you get into this fascinating, cutting-edge medical view point [ - more in The Economist article 'Microbes maketh Man']. All these sources easily found by searches !

Good to have written this for the 10% or so, of your cells that are ACTUALLY you ( - the remaining 90% or so, as in all of us being your micro-biome ! ! !).

I feel cutting out ALL ( - or the VAST majority of ?) SUGAR & foods with added refined sugar COULD be helpful in the longer term ( - you may notice no improvement for several months !). This could/may also have a shorter term deleterious effect, said to be from the candida die-off and the immune suppression ( - the sugar is said to cause) reducing ! ! ! [ - its the stronger immune response, which is said in large part to be responsible for the symptoms !]

Hope the above HELPS !

* - if you do these and similar searches, perhaps you'll be good enough to paste the links on here . . . . . . and in due course, the outcomes of your investigations & trials . . . . as that may be helpful to others reading these pages.

Take care,



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Thanks loads for the info x


Thanks for your kind feedback - I hope one or more of the leads is/are helpful !



Hi, I had the very same problem for around 6-7 years. It was a nightmare. I tried everything, the herbal stuff from the health food shop. I did the cut everything out diet, I only ate lean meat and vegetables for 5 months. I still got oral thrush but I did lose weight! I ended up having to have a biopsy of my soft palate which came back clear. Every throat swab I had taken came back positive for candida. I tried every medication going to no avail. It has now fortunately cleared but only after I got diagnosed with SAFS and started nebulised antifungal treatment.


Sounds a bit same in my situation as started having hurts mouth ulcers to tiny to got white in my tounge too...then recently I started abdominal and after 3 months of agony now treating Multiple Gastric Ulcers, Liver derranged and IBS..With Come and Go but frequent in 24 hours back pains and cannot stand or sit long...hospitalizations was on my routines lately and been undergone mostly test and None to much to concern or nothing to operate so back home and still can see whites on my tounge. ..brushing not much of helps too...hope to read from you.. thanks for sharing thought it's just me!


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