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Coughing for 10yrs+, think I have found out what it is?

I have had a cough for over 10 years. Around 8 years ago I saw a Dr privately and spent all my outpatients allowance on him but don't think I really got a definitive diagnosis. I was clearing out some paperwork and found a letter from him that mentioned Bronchiectasis. At the time, he did blood tests and my IgE level was 715. On further investigation I have come across the link between Bronchiectasis and Aspergillosis and it's like a light has been switched on - I'm sure that this is what I have.

I have had very mild asthma since childhood, but have been using my reliever inhaler a lot more in recent years. I cough pretty much all the time and struggle to bring up small amounts of very sticky mucous. Occasionally I get small, itchy welts/bumps on my face which I always thought were some form of "hives" but I think this may be connected with the Aspergillosis. I struggle to breath and have tightness in my chest. My inhaler seems to make me cough for a while after I take it, as if it's trying to help me get the mucus out.

My cough seemed to start when I moved to my current job (been here 14 years), it's an air conditioned building and I sit near some vents.

I saw my GP again a while ago and he fobbed me off and said it's just a cough and something you have to live with. I am going to see my GP next week and insist that I am referred for more tests.

Do any of these symptoms sound familiar? Am I going mad or have I identified what I've been suffering with all this time?

Any help/advice would be most welcome.

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Hey Jellyb1,

I would get set up with a Pulmonary Specialist. They will most likely do an MRI or cat scan to look at your respiratory stystem. Bronchiectasis can be Aspergillosis but even people with asthma or bad allergies can have that. They also can have higher Ige levels. So I would start there. They can do other tests such as a brochoscopy, skin test, and sample mucous if they feel the need too. I wouldn't get too worried about it.

Just find a Good Pulmonary Doc first.




Hi Jellyb1,

I am reading that you struggle to bring up small amounts of very sticky mucous. I thought it may help you to do for a time the mucusless diet so to see if the elimination become easier and the mucous thiner.

If the mucous in the lungs are thick and sticky the first defense immune system cells can not swim in it so to speak and are made useless by it, thus the bacteria/fungus is free to multiply. We need the mucuses, but we need them thin and runny for proper functions.

I had this battle in the past, i was choking with the mucous that i could not expel. The dairy/sugar were the first culprit to me. I learned that sauna with the electrolytes helps with breaking and eliminating the mucuses, not only from the respiratory system, but also from the tissues and blood(one of causes for high blood pressure) Also organic magnesium from juicing the dark green leaves(kale, spinach, green wheat, barley, broccoli sprouts powder, etc). The darker the leaves more magnesium in them.

I believed that if one cleanse the body of the sticky mucous then a healthy immune system will be able to clear the pathogens. It worked for me.

Get well soon!


In order to be sure you would have to be specifically tested for aspergillosis - sputum, bloods and possibly radiography. A chronic cough is a possible sign of many more common things than aspergillosis but it wouldn't harm to rule it out with your doctor.

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