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Looking for any suggestions on what to take for this ABPA or an alternative to Prednisone!

I have been diagnosed with ABPA since 2000 and tried the Intraconozole anti fungal medicine and didn't really help. So now am on 10mg of Prednisone everyday. Mainly it is for my breathing but also because my IGE levels (I believe it is) were high because my immune system keeps fighting this disease but obviously it will not be cured at least at this point. So Prednisone helps the breathing but also depresses the immune system so it doesn't keep fighting this disease which is odd. You would think you would want your immune system to not be depressed. So any positive suggestions would be great.



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Hi Steve

The first priority is to keep your breathing comfortable and to stop scarring of your lungs and steroids are extremely effective at both - so these are a must. As you say they do not help fight off infection but ABPA is predominantly an allergic disease (an allergy against fungi growing in the air spaces of your lungs) so infection is a secondary consideration - few ABPA patients become invasively infected, the fungus tends to stay in the lung air spaces.

You can find out a lot more about ABPA here

You will also get a lot of support if you join our support group at

I hope that helps - sorry for the delay in replying

Graham Atherton

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Hey there Steve

Welcome! I just joined last night.

I'm not sure but for me I know my leaving the house I lived in for 10 yrs was the staft. I also had been on prednisone before discovering my house was loaded with Aspergillus. My Dr told me the antibiotics I was on for pneumonia- Velour and Zithromax - as well as steroid only made my situation worse. I am currently taking 150 me of Fluconazole and Florastor-> probiotics he specifically recommend ed. I have been able to stop 2 inhalers and seldom need my rescue one. I'm running a fever past several days but was at house on Thurs with scientist and my mask was a bit too large.

Wishing you many bright blessings and send in healing energies your way~


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