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do you think changing medication is likely to make a difference?

I am due to go into hospital next month. I have had aspergillus for several years, firstly treated with sporanox then v-fend. However the last year I am feeling so low with terrible fatigue. My consultant is admitting me to try me on posaconazole. The other two meds helped at the time but as the years went on they both seemed to have served their purpose. Is it likely I will tolerate this new medicine and is it likely to help? Doctor wants me in hospital in case I have any reaction.

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Posaconazole is often better tolerated than voriconazole so you should have no problems.


Thank you Graham. I started Posaconazole on the 11th of July. However last week I was struck by a terrbile sickness and had to stop the drug as I was unable to take any food. I was terrified it was the Posaconazole that was causing the sickness and nausea. But I started it again on Monday. So far so good.


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