In the hospital

Just letting my family and friends know that I was admitted to the hospital yesterday. Since Sunday I have been feeling sick and I've had fever ranging from 100-104. I went to oncologist on Monday he said I had pneumonia. He put me on strong antibiotic. Yesterday I couldn't take it anymore and went to the pulmonary dr. I went out of the office in a ambulance. My vitals were life threatening.

After tons of tests and blood tests that I failed at, I have Sepsis of the blood and pneumonia. Infectious disease doctor has determined that my port is the source of infection and has poisoned me! That will be coming out very soon and they will replace with a pic line so I can do my chemo.

The devil sure didn't like that I was getting better so he thought he could do this. He needs to understand that GOD WANTS ME WELL! That is God's his will is what it will be! I renounce the Devil!!!

Thank all my family and friends for prayers and continued prayers. Dr says I'll be here at least till mid week.😘😘😘😘😘


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15 Replies

  • Oh, gosh. I'm so sorry to read this and send hope that the sepsis clears quickly. That must have been a horrible experience.

    For future reference, my hospital and oncologist have a policy that a cancer patient who is receiving chemo should call your oncologists office or after hours emergency number and head to the ER if your temperature reaches 100.5. You might ask your dr if they have a standard like that.

  • They do Denzie. It was my fault thinking it was just the pneumonia and the antibiotics had to work its course, but I should have been more proactive and should have known I shouldn't have been feeling that bad after 3days of antibiotics. I got schooled- Lesson learned!

  • Thank you for sharing this. In doing that you might just save someone else's life.

  • God does want you well! Stay strong and fight! Praying for quick healing! 🙏🏻😘!

  • Oh, I can't imagine how sick you felt/feel. Gad. I am so glad you advocated for yourself. Such a frightening experience. Your post sends out a very important message to all of us. Trust our bodies!

    Rest and heal. Thank you for updating us! Hugs.

  • I'm so sorry this happened. Thank you for posting this. As Denzie said, you may well save someone else's life by doing so. It is so easy to deny how serious something is. Prayers for your recovery.


  • Good activist

  • ! Thank you for sharing and hoping you start feeling better very soon!

  • God healing hand be with you. Speedy recovery and blessings🙏🌺

  • thank you for sharing. Hope you feel better soon.

  • So sorry. Good that doctor found what was wrong. Stay strong.

  • Praying for healing so that you can continue treatment. God bless you.

  • Sending prayers up for you! My husband has been in the hospital several times over the past 6 months for the same thing. Hang in there you and God can beat this.

  • SO sorry --- happy healing...hope you'll soon be on the mend and feeling much better!!

  • So sorry to hear you have been through so much! Thank goodness you had the precence of mind to go to your pulmonary Doctor .prayers going your way, feel better!

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