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1 yr survivor of lung & uterean cancer.had surgery for one cancer biopsy on lung. Chemo treatment for both cancers then radiation for for the first cancer then surgery on the lung had a lportion of lung removed on right lung. Only thing I deal with is some unusual side affects after the lung surgery. Very off the chart sensitive to chemicals in the air in processed foods & GMO foods. Chemicals you breathe in the air I have a hard time breathing. In foods it leaves a chemical taste in your mouth. Everything I use has to be chemical free. Were I use to live had to move to were I have no problem in breathing & not looking like white as a ghost because of the chemicals in the air. Lympedema in my legs that comes and goes that's bad. Cold air or from A/C will cause pain have to keep those areas warm all the time. All this happen 5 days after my lung surgery.

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  • My lung surgery left me very sensitive to pollutants and cold. I live in Wisconsin so this was not fun. We happened to have pollution from some Canadian forest fires shortly after I returned home from the hospital. I spent a lot of time indoors In air conditioning. I also experienced sensitivity in the surgery sites and had to keep them warm. This does subside with time. It will be 2 years June 1 and most of those symptoms have resolved except for the air pollution. If it is bad, I have trouble breathing.

    I hope this helps and I wish you steady improvement of your symptoms.


  • Thanks! I thought I was the only one going through this type of side affects.

  • According to my oncologist, these symptoms are very common and do subside with time. My experience showed him to be right, so I expect you will improve with time.

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