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Update on Dad... and Liver

Hi Everyone!

So Monday my dad went into the hospital in Boston, because he was complaining of his shortness of breath, and fatigue. He just finished his radiation therapy 2 weeks ago. When he went in, they noticed his oxygen level was low and his blood pressure was also low. They put him on oxygen and an IV for hydration. They ran a few tests/scans, and found out that he does not have pneumonia, Mercer or another infection that would be causing the shortness of breath. Those have been ruled out.

They did let him know after reading his CT scan, that his lungs are severely inflamed from the radiation he had done just a couple of weeks ago. They put him on a steroid to reduce this. The depressing news is, they found 2 small size spots on his liver that are cancerous when they did the CT scan. The doctor did tell us that the spots in his lung have not progressed and are under control. That is a good thing.

My dad is still in the hospital today, so they can monitor him more closely. He has been up walking, and eating 3 meals a day. Overall his energy and breathing has improved since Monday when he was admitted.

It is just so upsetting to know that he has 2 new spots on his liver. I have remained optimistic for him and he said he will over come this no matter what. He does not seem scared, but I think deep down this makes him nervous. I am very scared about this spreading to his liver. Has anyone been through this before? I am just trying to remain hopeful that this cancer will not beat him, and that god is our greatest physician.

Shedding any light on this or treatment suggestions would be so helpful. I will not stop praying or having faith!

- Lisa

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The liver is one of the most common places to metasticize. It's been found that ablation works better on the liver than radiation.

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