Last day of radiation for my dad!

Last day of radiation for my dad!

Today my amazing, strong dad finished his last radiation treatment! While he feels pretty weak, and low on energy he is very happy that his radiation is over. He's had radiation for the last 3 weeks on his chest and brain. Today I also started a new career and it was my first day on the job. I feel so blessed that I was able to call and talk to my dad about how my day was going. We both had something we were proud of each other for.

Since my dad lives in MA, and I live in Maine, my sister is picking him up tomorrow so he can spend a couple weeks with us and relax. I feel blessed in so many ways today. He will have new scans March 14th. We are praying to God that the scans come back with good news for him. I just keep reminding him that God has this.. do not fear just believe! Lung cancer your going down!!!

The picture is of him with his certificate! I am so proud of his strength.

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  • Congratulation! Great attitude. Keep up the fight. God Bless

  • It sounds as though he has a wonderful support system. Enjoy making new memories and sharing old ones with him.

  • Praise the Lord! I pray his cancer is in and remains in remission. God is faithful and He is the great healer. Cancer is not a problem that the Lord can't handle. Keep encouraging him and I pray the Lord will strengthen him daily.

    God bless you all.

  • Thank you Ruthie! God surely can heal all!

  • LIsa,

    Oh, congratulations on it all! Done with radiation, on to a new career for you. Just wonderful. I am sure he will enjoy relaxing in Maine. And then let's trust in that magical date, March 14th! Bless you all!

  • Thank you Peggy! This means so much to me and my dad! Your support and prayers go so far.


  • Lisa- my dad was diagnosed with stage IV small cell a few weeks ago. He is supposed to start whole brain radiation next week and he is concerned about cognitive side effects. Has your dad experienced any side effects that you would be willing to share? And congrats to your dad!!

  • Hi BMcarter,

    I am sorry to hear about your dads diagnosis. How is he doing so far?

    The radiation did bring slight cognitive side effects such as some short term memory loss. Sometimes he couldn't remember everything he had for dinner the night before , just a few things he had. And occasionally he forgot that I had called him earlier that day. He would say " you called me this morning?" I said yes dad remember ??!

    Other than that he's hasn't experienced anything else and it was only sometimes he would forget things.

    His physical side effects are major fatigue, red patches on his head (we used aloe every night to help), unbalanced when walking, some loss of appetite, watery eyes, and overall low energy.

    The doctor told us this will all improve in the next couple of weeks since he stopped the radiation just 2 days ago.

    Next we pray the scans show good progress.

    Prayers to your dad and family! God is bigger than cancer.

  • Did I mention he has a great smile?

  • That's our dad! Many people don't know that this guy raised 3 kids all on his own after my mom died when my twin sister and I were 4, and my brother 11. She died of a rare lung disease called primary pulmonary hypertension. Our dad was the best role model and did everything possible for us being a single parent. From waiting outside of the nail salon for hours, to having to take us to the hair salon to get our hair fixed when we dyed it orange. He also was the best shoulder to cry on when I had a misunderstanding with a boyfriend, or just having a rough day for any reason. He's the most gentle hearted human I know and he's so loved. Blessed to call him our Dad. ❤️ 🙏

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