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Ninth Anniversary of My Last Birthday


Nine years and nine months ago I was told I had stage 4 lung cancer. I was not expected to live much more than 10-12 months so I decided to use some of my savings and have a big party for My Last Birthday.

Since this would be ‘My Last Birthday’ I wanted to go out in style. I invited a hundred or so of my favorite people and people who had helped me much over the years. I put up a tent, rented tables & chairs, burgers, fries, a keg, bottles of wine, many of my friends brought their musical instruments.

My friends will tell you I’m always late, and true to form I’m late for my own funeral. By 9 years or there about. But since my Last Birthday Party was such a blowout I think it déclassé to insist that each subsequent birthday might be my last. So today I celebrate the NINTH ANNIVERSARY of MY LAST BIRTHDAY.

No one is more amazed at this than I.

In your face cancer.

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Awesome and may there be many more.... :)

Happy 9th last birthday 🎂 x

You give me hope that my husband who also has stage IV lung cancer will also be around for a few more years yet. This September will be 2 years from diagnosis.

DenzieModerator in reply to Goingcuckoo

2 years is a kind of waterfall place. When I was diagnosed I was told that the possibility of surviving 5 goes up exponentially. Sending hope it holds for your husband.

Fantastic! Gives me hope as I deal with my statistical “realities”. My wife and I will celebrate our 50th anniversary next month. I’ve been thinking that at least I’ll make it to that.

With a tear in my eye, I thank you for your post.

DenzieModerator in reply to rdflynnjr

Best wishes for that special anniversary. May you enjoy a few more milestones.

Thank you for your inspiring post!

Love this!!!

Your an inspiration Denzie! Happy days x

What a fabulous post, Denzie! You have been such a positive voice and encourager for me and for so many others. We can believe together that we will indeed have many, many more birthday anniversaries.

DenzieModerator in reply to VerdeAzul

My sincere hopes that we do.

Congratulations. Definitely something to celebrate. Here’s to many more x

DenzieModerator in reply to Bow-19

There’s so much to celebrate! Sending hope that the Brigatinib brings you to Your 10th post diagnosis birthday. You’ve come a long way.

Bow-19 in reply to Denzie

Thank you. Yes, I am 6.5 years post diagnosis and I too was given 10 months to live at the start

Such a great “Birthday” to celebrate! I ate a piece of cake to join in the celebration :) You are an inspiration my friend. May you celebrate many many more.

DenzieModerator in reply to PegD

Thank you, my friend! I was glad to read that this new clinical trial you’re on is holding you steady. You are my hero for participating.

I Wish You a Very Happy Birthday And Many More. You give us all so much hope!!

DenzieModerator in reply to Iamready

Thank you!

I was so pleased to read a positive message. I have started to save positive messages as rereading them lifts my spirits when I am feeling a bit down. I am just 6 months into my stage 4 diagnosis. My first goal is to join the 9 years club which is getting more and more members all the time. My next goal will be the twenty years club. More people will be living with lung cancer as a chronic disorder and I am one of them. Thank you for letting us know your story. Happy Birthday and here's to the next 9 years.


So glad you found this site. There are many amazing people here and there are some who are doing so well that they moved on. Including some who helped me through my early years.

Cheers to you. May you enjoy many milestones.

Happy Birthday Denzie, and many more! Thank you for positivity and sharing your experiences on this site. You are an inspiration!

Congrats and I find comfort in your story! I just passed 2 years s/p right Lower lobectomy and R UL wedge for stage 1 adenocarcinoma. Praying I can celebrate 9 years too!

DenzieModerator in reply to kri312

When first diagnosed, I was told that if I made it to 2 years the possibility that I could make it to 5 went up exponentially. I’m so grateful to read that yours was found at an early enough stage that they were able to do surgery. Sending hope that it’s the last treatment you’ll ever need for lung cancer.

You go girl!!! You are an inspiration to us all. To quote Fran Drescher, actress, cancer schmancer. Don't know if the spelling is right, but you get the idea. Let's kick this parasite in the butt.

DenzieModerator in reply to JeanE41

Humor is a wonderful tool and I love that Fran Drescher quote. Sending hope that you’ve recovered from your SBRT and that it totally knocked that sucker out.

JeanE41 in reply to Denzie

Recovery is slower than I anticipated, but not outside the norm. Will just have to go with the flow.

Great news! Keep on keeping on!

DenzieModerator in reply to Ncpoet

Thank you! I hope you continue to kick a bunch of cancer yourself. You’ve had a tough year and I hope you’ve found a bit of peace.

I love your last sentence "In your face cancer"

DenzieModerator in reply to KatherineK

Sums it up well


So happy for you. Your an inspiration and bring us all hope in this fight! Thanks ❤️


In your face cancer!

DenzieModerator in reply to Beepers7

Hope is the reason we have treatment.

Beepers7 in reply to Denzie

Hi Denzie,

Good news after chemo radiation, wedge resection and adjuvant chemo my PET scan showed NED. I’m so thankful. Thanks for your encouragement and hand holding during my treatments.


DenzieModerator in reply to Beepers7

I’m happy dancing for you! So glad to read this news.

Thank you for your encouragement God Bless you keep you.

DenzieModerator in reply to ParchWoody

ParchWoody, thank you for your kind words. Sending hope the Oraxel works a long time.

Congratulations! I was diagnosed in 2011, and I am still here also. that is 9 yrs, so yes there is hope. I plan on being around until I am really old .

DenzieModerator in reply to gttprn1960

Sending hope that you do stick around a long, long time.



DenzieModerator in reply to RandyL

Loving your news and your enthusiasm. May God continue to bless you with a good life b

paul1960 in reply to RandyL

How do you do it

RandyL in reply to paul1960

I am doing Opdivo Treatments every 2 weeks. I also try to eat right and exercise when I can. The Opdivo shrunk my tumor by almost 80% and I am NED at the present time

Happy Birthdays, Denzie!🎂🥂👏

Reading your post was a delight! Happy Birthdays to you! Huge congratulations! You and I seem to be filled with the same spirit of joie de vivre!

I, too, had stage 4 lung cancer. Like you, I kept kicking it, and celebrating life. My big hurrah was a birding trip to Costa Rica. I said while I can still

breathe and walk, I'm taking my dream trip. I had to hike up into the mountains. It was hard because of the altitude. I live on a flat Florida beach. It was hard because of my lung cancer. I

had an inoperable tumor close to my heart. I had had the top lobe of my right lung removed. Chemo almost killed me, and the oncologist said they couldn't give me any other treatments. So, I treated myself with my own determined energy. I climbed those mountains! By the end of my trip, I was running up the the hills. On June 3rd, 2019 my tumor was gone. I am cancer free! Whoohoo! Kicked it out of my body! I celebrate you! I celebrate me! I celebrate every day of this wonderful life! Celebrate 🎉🎂🥰🥂

DenzieModerator in reply to Wils70

Thank you for sharing your experience and for this kind words. Well do I understand the drive that took you to Costa Rica. Please consider sharing your story in a new thread. People come here looking for hope and your experience gives me hope. I don’t think you shared an update about your trip and I’d love to read more.

Fantastic how have you got through this

DenzieModerator in reply to paul1960

There is no easy answer. I do just about everything conventional wisdom says not to do including eating refined sugars and having an occasional glass of wine or beer.

Currently I am enrolled in a study that seeks to understand why I had such a complete and enduring response to treatment when others with a smaller disease load and less aggressive cancers did not. If they learn anything I’ll post it.

I would be interested in results of that report since I survived and my husband didn’t. Intellectually, I know why he didn’t make it, I just sometimes wonder why I did. We both had stage 4. I guess that is some sort of survivor’s guilt talking. I am very happy I survived. I have always been positive and have a strong faith, but others do, too. Just in that frame of mind since this is around the time my husband was diagnosed last year.

DenzieModerator in reply to Ncpoet

When or if something comes out of this I will certainly share the information. So far nothing has come of it. Survivor’s guilt is tough to cope with. My mom had the same lung cancer I have and she only survived 4 1/2 months.

Sending prayers for strength in getting through this tough time period. I hope sad memories are replaced by happier ones.

Thanks. 50 + years together definitely gives me happier memories over the sad ones. I am a Hospice Volunteer and I was delivering a bunch of handmade cards for patients who we can no longer visit. That in itself has me feeling down. Missing John and CoVid 19 has me home alone. Throw in a kidney stone and a mammogram that needs further testing and that is my atypical mindset today. Thanks for prayers. I will bounce back. I always do.

Wow Denzie HAPPY LAST BIRTHDAY‼️That’s fabulous

DenzieModerator in reply to June2081

Thank you! My family always said I’d be late for my own funeral. I’ve never been so happy that they were right!

I’m on year 8 first diagnosed in 2012, it’s been quite a ride!

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