Newby checking in:

Newby checking in:

Hey guys. I'm 70 years young and diagnosed with matasticized stage 4 lung cancer right before Thanksgiving 2016. In 2013 had rectal cancer, surgeries, permanent ilieostomy, chemo, radiation, and oral chemo. The lung thingy was found in a preop chest X-ray for knee surgery. Knee op was cancelled. 😐 The biopsy showed that the lung was matasticized from the rectal cancer. Thought we had that behind us. Currently on IV chemo and oral chemo. Not sure what my odds are, but I'm not ready to cash in. I have several more hands to play. Not sure what to expect either, was told "chemo will be your new best friend". Anyone on here similar?

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  • You are a warrior ! Wow what you have been through already! I have had nothing like you except matestaziced stage 4 NSCLC jan 2016. My Dr. said about the same thing regarding chemo. It will be like treating diabetes with an ongoing treatment to keep the cancer from spreading. They are treating my cancer like a disease that has no cure but can buy me time with chemo. He said that some will work for a specific time period and then it will be just finding the next mix and dose that works again. I find this site very helpful and the people on it supportive and informative. I am glad you are a part of our group now.

  • Thanks Bull. Guess we just need to saddle up and hang on? Side effects are more severe than last time. More down time is required. But, I'm older and not as overall healthy as before. Radiation not being required is a good thing. It left a lot of damage. Joints, plumbing, etc. Also, the high doses of steroids in the chemo give some temporary relief to my torn meniscus in my knee. Bless you and hang tough! In my prayers. Thanks for response!

  • It sounds like you've been through quite an ordeal. I am encouraged because of your determination to continue fight this battle.

    Sometimes the effects of cancer and the treatments make you want to throw in the hat but you must keep fighting.

    May God bless you and strengthen you.

  • ❤️ Ruthie!

  • Sending prayers

  • Lefty I'm not the same I had adnoecarcinoma stage 3 they removed the upper lobe on left side.I turned down the radiation after they told what it would do. I took six months of chemo. I'm cancer free i'm starting my fourth year. I just wanted you to know and you can talk to me anytime. I'll be here for you. Take care there's an angel walking beside you who will make you strong. She'll be there beside you always,helping you get through this. You can't see her but she's there. Jo

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