Liquid Biopsies Are Important in Lung Cancer, Expert Says

Liquid Biopsies Are Important in Lung Cancer, Expert Says

Liquid biopsies may be a quick and less intrusive way of detecting non-small cell lung cancer. Medical professionals are now able to extract the same information that they usually get from tissue biopsies at a lesser cost, and with less pain to the patient.

Sometimes, there isn't even enough tissue for the current types of biopsies, and that is where liquid biopsies become crucial.

Discover all of the reasons why this form of lung cancer detection is becoming more important in the article below.

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  • Fascinating article, Travis! Liquid biopsies are a very exciting development and it's exciting how quickly they are advancing in scope and accuracy.

  • Thanks for the great read, Travis. I've been following this for a couple of years and I'm excited that they are finally approved for use in detecting the T790 mutation in the circulating EGFR DNA. It will be even more exciting when they can use it in other lung cancers with greater efficiency.

    It's my understanding that they have been highly effective in identifying types of colon cancer. I'm looking forward to them getting caught up in lung cancer studies.

  • That is great and it will be less pain less inevasive. every one is afraid when they here biopsy. It would be easier on them. But there still going to worry that it will come back positive and hope it doesn't there is hope there. there is always hope .Jo

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  • Not a problem Jo. Let me check with HealthUnlocked to see what we are able to do in that area. I'll get back to you once I find something out! =)

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