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Needle biopsy of lung


I just joined here. I am having a needle biopsy of right upper lung lobe next week. What can I expect during and afterwards?

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Hi and welcome. I like you had a needle biopsy of my upper right lobe in 2018. Firstly the procedure was explained to me in advance and I was taken into the CT Scan and asked to lie on my front with arms above my head. A scan was taken so that the Doctor could see on screen the location to enter. The area of entry was marked with a pen and I was given a local anaesthetic. I didn't feel any pain during the procedure just slight pressure. You do hear a few clicking sounds as the biopsy is taken. The team in the CT Scan room reassured me and explained each step. I was then taken to the recovery area in a wheelchair and told I may cough up some blood but that was normal. I stayed there and had a welcome cup of tea for about an hour and was checked by the doctor before discharge. I did find lying on my back a little uncomfortable for a couple of days. I hope it goes well and good luck with your treatment.

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Thanks so much for getting back to me. I hope you're well. It helps a lot to hear patient experiences rather than just 'doctor speak' . Mine didn't explain anything and I was too stunned to ask!

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Yes I agree and like you I was too stunned and frightened to ask questions but the team who performed the biopsy explained everything clearly on the day.. I'm doing well now after completing my treatment and I am back to doing everything I did before being diagnosed with this cruel disease. I am happy to share my experiences with you on your journey. Take care

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I can't tell you how much , well, I probably don't have to, hearing from others on this frightening journey means. Strength to all and thanks to all of you willing to share.

I was given an IV and something to relax me. They had me lay on my side as mine was in lower right lobe. The local anesthetic was given and I only felt a bit of pressure. After it was completed, I was in pain and given narcotics through the IV. I stayed in the bed in recovery and then was taken for an x-ray after 1 hour to make sure my lung had not collapsed. Was told that happens and would have to spend the night if so. Thankfully everything was fine. I have had 2 lung biopsies and both were done the same way.

Thnk you so much! Your reply helps me put my big girl pants on!


My experience was very much like seaspray’s. But that was 9.5 years ago so I don’t recall whether there was pain or not. They did both my biopsies on different days.

hello and welcome to the group..i had mine done 12 years ago..i had stage 1-a lung cancer..a right upper radiation nor chemo..

anyhow for the lung biopsy..i was sedated just enough so i was slightly responsive so when i was told to take a deep breath i can do so..there was no pain during nor afterwards.

.my experiance as i remember it for the biopsy was very much like seasprays..

I am doing fine now...when i had my lung cancer surgery the protocol was to see me for 5 years starting at once every 6 months then for the last 2 of the 5 years on seeing the dr. once a the new protocol is to get a lung cancer screening every thats what i do..

I will be praying for you..i know the whole ordeal can be uncertain and scary at times...but you need faith and prayer..i will be praying for you..

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Thank you for reply and it's so good to hear a positive outcome.

I just had one two weeks ago. It was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. You will most likely be given "conscious sedation" you will be awake but I promise you won't be in pain. You wil feel pressure. They will advance the needle a little at a time then do CT scans to make sure they are in the right area. After recovery you will limit your activities for 24 hours. No lifting etc. I had mine at MD Anderson and that was my case.

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Thank you. It really helps to know what to expect.

I had one...relax is

and it seems scarier then it is. Deep breathes and I was given no assistance with pain because it’s not necessary and it was over before I knew it

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Yes, I had the lung biopsy in June and the procedure went well but not enough tissue was retrieved for a diagnosis. Now I'm facing a bone biopsy.

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