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Cuban vaccination to cure lung cancer

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It seems little notice on the new Cuban fantastic vaccination for lung cancer

It is hailed in USA and Americans are rushing to Cuba to get this vaccination

Patients should be aware and may be pay farewell to chemical drugs

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I responded to your other thread including a link to the trial.

Enough is enough of this bs. Stop preying on peoples' hopes. We need constructive information , not pie in the sky bs.

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DenzieModerator in reply to judg69

The writer is sharing info that may give others hope. When the clinical trial process is complete there’ll be a next stage drug for patients with EGFR+.

You’re usually so supportive, I guess your tone caught me by surprise.

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Ghssan in reply to judg69

I am very surprised for such comment

U judge that this is a fake medicine

All drugs so far are on trial

Doctors until now are not sure how to spot the nodules through ct or pet or biopsy they end up cutting unnecessarily parts of the lung

Cubans say that the trial for 3 years and even so they have to consider side effects like all other medicines in the market

The hope of this product stems from the facti that the USA now agreed to test it surprise ?????

We should encourage discoveries from third world countries not judge(ur highness ) by unbelieving that a Cuban can do this .

In my estimate if this product prove to be good then Cuba will make billions and billions from it .


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DenzieModerator in reply to Ghssan

I don’t believe that the writer is judging your information as false. Normally he is one of the most supportive, kind people to respond here. Judg69 has been dealing with lung cancer for a while. His tone caught me off guard but I think I understand why he responded the way he did.

There are many who come to these boards to prey on people who are desperate for help. The individuals I’m referring to join, tell us nothing about their relationship to lung cancer and promise cures if we will just go to some foreign country and try some unproven treatment or a treatment that has proved to be more dangerous than anything currently available. They promise cures they can’t deliver. They spread false hope with the intent of selling us medications or diets that don’t work. Usually with a large cost attached. They use phrases like “Many Americans rush to receive this cure.....”.

Because I have been following the Cimavax/Vaxira story for 8 years now I had more information. I believe Judge69 was trying to keep these boards safe. Our president has placed penalties on any American who travels to Cuba. If caught they face severe fines and possible prison time.

Please tell us more about yourself. Are you a lung cancer patient? Are you caring for a lung cancer patient? What treatments have you tried?

I’ve been living with stage 4 lung cancer since October of 2010. I had one line of treatment with drugs that were standard of care then. They’ve been replaced by newer chemo drugs that have proven to extend overall and progression free survival rates. No one has any idea why it worked so well for me so I’m participating in a study for exceptional responders at Harvard.

I look forward to getting to know you better.

Zayna - Unfortunately, your message comes across as somewhat misleading and I believe that is why you received the response that you did. A bold Headline stating "Cuban Vaccine to Cure Lung Cancer" - This is not a fact and certainly implies that there is a cure and I'm sure it may lead to false hope to many new members who may not be familiar with it or the US Trial.

There are far too many of us who would LOVE to find that this Vaccine may benefit us, but as someone who has followed it for some time, it's not a magic cure and still will needs a lot of time before we know if it may work.

I personally know LC Patient's who have traveled to Cuba to try the CimaVax or Vaxira vaccines and NOT one of them has been cured or had positive results. Most, sadly have now passed and a few are back on another type of traditional treatment. It's also very expensive and now with travel restrictions, it's even more difficult for US patient's to go there.

CimaVax is currently in it's first Clinical Trial at Roswell in NY and in the trial they are combining it with Opdivo (Nivolumab) - something they do not do in Cuba? I also had a dear cancer friend who was actually part of this trial, but again, it did not work for him and he lost his cancer battle last January, which was very heartbreaking.

While it may end up being a potential treatment when the trial is completed, is it no where near there now.

If anyone would like more details about CIMAvax and the trail at Roswell, - please visit this link -



Very sorry for you but

I am very happy for the Cubans that they try to discover something to help the world not to send bombs to kill people this include Russia and other European countries

Pls keep this forum for exchanging views not hatred

Still I wish Cuba will succeed in offering something for humanity

By all counts this medicine did not kill ur friends

Give me a break and stop trying to find a proof that this medicine is rubbish

The product was assigned to 4 countries to do trial for 3 years which is still going on .

Keep this forum for patients not demeaning others by saying this product is complementing Another USA main product .

Close the subject and bye


There is NO hatred here - All I was trying to do was explain, as nicely as possible, that the post comes across as a bit misleading - and implies that this vaccine is a cure. I didn't want others to think so and then find out that it's not, that would be like offering false hope and may new patients and families think this can cure them, but at this time, there is no clinical data to support that it will.

CimaVax and Vaxira are one of the many possible treatments for Cancer, but not yet a cure! I truly hope our cure will come.



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Hi Zayna,

Thank you for bringing attention to the trial ongoing in the US. Here is a recap:

1) There is limited data on CIMAvax from formal clinical trials. Because of this, we do not know if it actually helps people with lung cancer live longer or not.

2) The National Institutes of Health (NIH) realizes there is great interest in the vaccine, which is why the trial at Roswell Park was started. Not only does the trial allow US citizens access in a safe manner, importantly it also allows the research community to determine if the treatment is effective without overly burdensome side effects. The Roswell Park trial remains the best and safest way to receive the vaccine for people with lung cancer in the US.

3) Receiving the vaccine in Cuba will NOT contribute to the data that helps us better understand if CIMAvax works or not. Only the trial at Roswell Park will allow us to do that.

As you've read, going to Cuba at all has become more difficult in the last few years. Going for the vaccine can be very expensive and logistically difficult - if you or a loved one are considering this it is best to discuss it with your doctor first to see if it makes sense and is a safe option.

Overall, we don't understand enough about CIMAvax and much more clinical data is needed to know that it works. It isn't unreasonable to be concerned about those who travel to Cuba for the vaccine...what happens if something goes wrong? What is the follow-up care provided? We don't want people to just be left hanging by taking a drug we don't know or understand here in the US, which limits our ability to help if problems arise. Finally, we look forward to the trial results from Roswell Park to see if the vaccine is both safe and effective.

I hope these perspectives have been helpful. There are more treatments for lung cancer than ever before, and more on the horizon. If you or a loved one are interested in exploring treatment options or clinical trials, our LungMATCH team can help. We are also here to help with other resources, such as additional information or emotional support. Feel free to just reply to this email, contact us at or by calling our toll-free HelpLine at 1-800-298-2436.



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Ghssan in reply to KimGO2

I like ur comments

My objective was to make people aware of this product. Whether it works or not it is the trials will prove it

What amazes me is that this is a vaccine.

As such a vaccine will not work on already established stage 4 or 5. You need treatment medicine not vaccine.

A person with advanced TB you don't treat him with vaccine but with medicines

Also those who objected to my mail they are already in advanced stage and may be lost part of their lungs

Another piece of news that one may be having cancer and you die without anybody notices it and some live over 12 years with cancer but no simptoms !!!!


Is this true

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Hi Zayna,

Using the term vaccine can be confusing. Vaccines activate the immune system. There are those vaccines that prevent disease and also those vaccines that are therapeutic that include immunotherapies and treatments for cancer. There are many new approaches to treating lung cancer than ever before and even more being studied. Ongoing research is important and this is just one of the interesting approaches.



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