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Lung cancer survivor. 😊

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Hello everyone. My name is David Zyskowski. I’m a 6yr lung cancer survivor. I’m just here to learn, make new friends, and be here with all of you in spirit. 😊🌹

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That's awesome and hope for so many of us. Thanks for joining

Welcome David. All of us here are looking for knowledge, friendship and giving and sometimes receiving support. It is hard for someone who has not heard those nasty words "you have cancer" to understand. It is so good to be able to open up, vent if necessary, support and learn from each other. The journey each of us faces is different, but there are enough similarities to make this work. Someone here will have faced the same or similar issues to yours.

So again welcome. Congratulations on six years and may you have many more.



Welcome. I'm at nine months of survival. Early stage. Successful lobectomy. They found a new nodule at six months. Another CT scan soon to see what might be going on with it.

I haven't been part of this forum for long. There is a lot of hurting here. There is a lot sharing here. What makes it all work is the caring.


Congrats on 6 years!!

Glad to have you join. You will hear good news and bad news. We celebrate good news and lend an ear and encouragement during the struggles. Congratulations for your 6 years. That's great to hear. Welcome!

Six years is terrific! Welcome

Welcome and CONGRATULATIONS on 6 years!! You are an inspiration for the rest of us as we battle this insidious disease. Praying you have many, many more!!

Hi David! Thank you for coming on board and bringing your wonderful news with you. I am sure you will feel at home here, this is a great group of people. I look forward to hearing more from you.


Welcome David and Congratulations on your 6 years of no cancer! May you remain that way forever. I was a 14 year survivor of adenocarcinoma of RLL, had RLL lobectomy and did not need any after treatment except the usual every 3 month chest xray,ct scan. Went to once a year and in October of 2016, boom!! another tumor in the RUL. This turned out to be Stage 111A Squamous Cell with mets to lymph nodes so I had chemo and radiation therapy and just had my 3 month ct scan which showed some "stuff" going on but we are waiting til the next 3 month scan to see if there are any changes. Wow, sorry, didn't mean to get so involved! I just want to welcome you to this site. It is very informational. I read daily, don't always post. What kind of cancer did you have? What is your story David. I would be very interested to hear it. Welcome!

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Does chemo and radiation hurt??? I start both next week for preventative reoccurrence after double lobectomy RUL and MRL my dr says I’m cancer free after removing 4 involved lymph nod s and a 6 cm mass

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Hi Lovey, With Chemo you can have some side effects. Your oncologist should go over this with you. What Chemo meds will you be on? Also with radiation, I did not have a problem at all with it and went every day for 5 1/2 weeks. Again, your oncologist should explain all of this to you. I can only give you my experience and everyone is different. I didn't do well with chemo but was able to complete my treatment and had no problem with radiation. Good luck with your treatments. Please keep me posted on how you do.

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I was on 3 rounds of Cisplatin with primera and then surgery now I’m cancer free but they want me to do 3 more rounds and radiation and I did ok on chemo just tired and that’s the preventative treatment I’ll start next week

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I would think that you would do fine with it where you have had it before. How long is your radiation for and did they tell you where they were going to radiate? Mine was in the mediastinum as that's where the lymph node involvement was. I wish you all the luck in the world and hope and pray that this gets rid of any cells that may be lurking about. This is a nasty nasty disease and we have to fight it.

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Hi Janeike. 😊🌹. I was walking my German Shepard late in 2010. As we were walking we were attack by 2 pit bulls. My Shepard fought them off and when he went to chase them he pulled the leash. I fell and broke my left hip. I got a DVT behind my left knee after hip replacement. They checked my lungs for blood clots and found the cancer. NSLC stage 1b. They removed my right lung. He saved my life! They never would of found the cancer if he didn’t fight the pit bulls off causing me to fall and break my hip! 🌹

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Wow! Any issues since ? Love hearing these positive long term stories!!!

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I’ve had Sepsis. Was in the hospital for 2 weeks and a nursing home for 1&1/2 months. Then they found an aortic aneurysm. I had a stent put on the inside and a graft around the aneurysm. I also have peripheral neuropathy and peripheral vascular disease. I have 2 stents in both legs. Also I have cardio vascular disease. I fear the end could happen at anytime. 😔🙏

Welcome! You give us a future to strive for!

Thank you for the hopeful comment! That is great news.

Hi David, I am five year survivor. As you and others continue to survive longer, we can continue to hope for a cure for everyone. Welcome!


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