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Opdivo working


My Mom, who was diagnosed with squamous NSCLC in May of 2014, had lobectomy, chemo and radiation. Couple more tumors in same lung. We went to MD Anderson in January for second opinion. They felt she should do Opdivo. She had her 8th treatment yesterday. She had CT scan last week and yesterday we found out all tumors are shrinking! Praise God! We are so thankful for the great news! Praying for continued good news from Opdivo.

God Bless!!

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Praise God.

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Yes praise God hood news


That is great. Glad to hear your mom is doing good.


thats great I like to hear someones doing better. i've never heard of opdivo. its apparently doing its job. It apparantly seems to work. good luck and I hope opdivo keeps on working. from exhausted.


Praise the Lord! It's always encouraging hearing how God works in different people's lives. God is good!!!


How exciting !! Good news for all of us!!

I start this treatment in 2 weeks!

Thank you for sharing!

Gods bless!


I have been on opdivo since May 22 2015 i have two treatments per month and a cat scan every 6-8 weeks will have a treatment this Friday and see the Dr with the news of this last scan always pray for the best news.God bless your Mom and pray for continued good news.


God Bless you! Yes, I feel this new immunotherapy is so very promising! Take care! He never leaves us!


Wonderful, can't wait to hear how she is doing now. Thank you for sharing.


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