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how do I know if a GP is doing his job?

I changed GP for the second time in one year because I felt the previous one wasn't a good one. Guess what, it seems I found a worse one. I explained my problem to him and he just told me to go to a genital clinic. What's strange is that he didn't even refer me to the clinic, he said I'd have to do it myself. I think a GP either has to give advice about your condition, or if he doesn't know, he must refer you to someone else, but he can't just say 'sorry I can't do a thing, go there, goodbye'. Am I right? I'd change doctors again but quite frankly I am tired of being treated like this. Should I change again or complain to the practice? I really want to avoid complaining but am tired to be the one who leaves and the others stay.

Does anyone knows of a book or link where stuff about GPs is explained in detail, e.g. what they can do and what cannot do? I have read on a couple of websites including this one but I feel I am missing something. In general, I have seen GPs very few times over many years, often I just didn't bother, so I don't know as much as somebody else does, but I'd like to learn about all my rights as a patient

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from my experience, most of the gps have an ego so big, they couldnt dont care to listen to you, and irrespective if they are right or wrong, they still admit they are right,,,sad


some of your rights as a patient are explained on the NHS website if you are in Britain or PALS can advise I think, just type PALS into your search engine and you will get contact details on line. The way we are treated as patients in future is about to change next week so who knows what will happen to the chronically sick. Good luck researching what you want to know


thanks katieoxo60 , very helpful


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