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Psoriatic arthritis and E S A

Has anyone with P.arthritis claimed ESA? I was on it for twelve months but it has now stopped. When I went for my interview they had me down as having RA. I was not hassled during my time on ESA about getting a job in fact I think I was shelved as I will be sixty this year. If I apply again will I be treated differently because of the alterations to my claim and the fact that my rhumy signed me off because I was medically sensitive to his drugs?

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sorry can't answer your question as I have me/cfs but sounds like we are in a similar position. So I wanted to ask you about your situation. I have been on ESA for about three years but I have my second appeal tomorrow, I am just 60 and have been shelved by the job centre and not hassled apart from being sent for these Atos assessments which are not appropriate for my condition. As I was able to drag myself along to the assessment I was deemed to be fit for work! Why has your ESA stopped? surely if you are too ill to work you should be getting something? There are several good groups for disabled people on facebook that would be able to answer your questions. I can point you to them if you are on facebook.


Hi Jenny,I was on I.B. before moving over to ESA contribution based.This only lasts a year.I saw the lady at the job centre just after the change over she asked a few basic questions and told me she would see me in six months,which turned out to be eight.The second visit she said my ESA would finish after the twelve months were up. I could apply for ESA again but I would not have enough insurance contributions in the relevant year,She said my husband should apply for pension credit.Which we did as soon as my ESA stopped.P.Credit keep asking for different info.even thought they have had all the relevant items.I don't know which way to jump.Since my first claim I have had an under active thyroid diagnosed and am waiting to see a endocrinologist as my GP has tried to no avail to sort that out.I also have tinnitus and I am dyslexic.My husband has had cancer twice in the last ten years and got no help from the benefits department,now he has reached 65 and is on a state pension.I fell that I have let him down and that he should not be worring about money.Sorry to moan .


Don't apologise for moaning, that is all so awful! we work all our lives and pay tax and NI and then when we need help we have to go through all sorts of hoops. I have just been to a tribunal to appeal against an Atos decision that I am fit to work. I won my appeal and so did another woman about my age (60) so we can relax for a bit now until they change the rules again and put us through this again.

Do you want me to send you some links to organisations that might be helpful? Just let me know and if you are on Facebook I can give you lots of links to groups where you can chat to people in a similar boat. by the way whereabouts in the country are you?


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