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Glad I'm not alone !

After three long years of doctor visits , pain , tests , painful injections in my feet , wrong diagnosis ,,, crying , people thinking I made this crap up in my head ,,, I diagnosis myself . Neuropathy ,,, when the 100th doctor finally told me it was neuropathy I cried !!!!!

The doctor gave " IT" a name . Small Fiber Neuropathy . I'm still young , I'm constantly in pain . I'm on Gabepintin ,,, I can't ever make plans ,,, I never know how my chronic pain will be . My life is depression,, and pain and pills .

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Hi Welsey, I'm so glad they've finally given you a name and you're not alone, I also cried when the consultant told me what I have.

I too, have also recently found this site and after only a few days, I am not feeling as much alone as I did. In fact there seem to be many others suffering more than me, however, the disease is such that you never know what the next day is going to bring and thats horrible to live with.

Hopefully youll get comfort from this site.

Stay strong x


Thank you Lizzie iew ,, I'm in pain every day ... Thank you for the reply .


Sweetheart I was a child when I started with this awful itvwas primary school at 12 they started doing dr rounds , of course they had no clue , it's 50 something years ago so I had to suffer . I know how hard it it is but I want to tell you this . At this stage you are grieving , grieving for what you think you are losing and yes things will be different , what you Need to do is somehow strengthen your mind , my mantra was , I can I will and yes I still say that , when the pain is so bad I can't sit stand or lay down .

When I was 18 the pain really started to rack up and I wanted to die , I thought like you and I understand totally . Well I met and married a wonderful , loving , patient and kind man . He encouraged me and slowly I got myself a hobby , gone were my days of keep fit in the normal sense like gymn now to walking as much as I can . I started to craft spent a fortune but it's a wonderful distraction to pain. Don't let your life get to small or you will just be a world of pain , start slowly and if you ever need to chat I'm around keep your chin up lovely . X😇


Matrix ,, I just read this again . I thought for sure I wrote you a message yesterday .thank you so very much for the comment . Yes, thank you so much . My life is so horrible, now , full of pain every second .


I understand just how you feel I have walked the walk as they say and still doing it . I think you are going to have to renew the thoughts you are having which say Life is horrible or pointless or you can't cope . I know it sounds easy it is not but it can be done .It takes practise so why not change it's horrible life to it's going to get better because I'm. Going to make sure it does . If you can just walk to the shops that's a start and you will feel better I promise . Take care sweetie .xx


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