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Neuropathy after chemotherapy

Anyone else had this? It seems to be related to the cisplatin drug, had numb feet initially but now reaching knees, no pain however.

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I'm surprised that no-one has responded to this. I've had peripheral neuropathy for over 30 years. I've had type II diabetes for 15 years, and I had cancer chemotherapy 12 years ago. My neuropathy began well before either the diabetes and the chemotherapy, so I cannot blame it on either of those. Neuropathy is a very common side effect of chemotherapy however. I have been on several on-line cancer support groups for over ten years, and many people have said they had neuropathy due to the chemo.

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Thanks Jumilla, you are a very strong person.


I have simular numb feet mostly toes with cold feet cold ankles cold chins up to knees. My toes nails ache if I lay 2much on my back with heavy blankets. I lay on a full sheep skin and I have a smaller size sheep skin at foot of bed. My chins up an up 2my knees get hot if I stand 2long, and if I walk 2long my legs get hot. And yes no pain I take pain tablets (Targin) an rub my feet an legs with either coconut oil an I made up a mixture of rosemary oil which helps as well. Their is not a lot U can do about nerve damage. I hope I have given U some advice.


Thanks LongLegs68, that's pretty much the same as me, although I don't experience the heat.. I purchsed a tens machine to help with pain for a shoulder injury some time ago and am currently trying this on my legs, it might be wishfull thinking but I think it might be helping.


A friend of mine had cancer and was treated with platinum based chemo. He says that he suffers from neuropathy in his feet - and hands too, I believe. It comes and goes. He said even touching he inside of a potato chip bag ( the foil lining ) will set him off.


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