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Hello everyone , this is my first post here as well.in 2015 l developed Peripheral neuropathy in both my feet and legs, after three months of testing l was told that All of the blood work and testing including, nerve conduction testing, was normal. The burning is gone but l still have aching and slight pain in my legs and feet. The doctors don’t seem to know what to do. I am happy about the improvement, but l am still struggling somewhat with morning anxiety .. anyone have suggestions or maybe might of experienced something similar? Thank you

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How did you get the improvement. Did you take any supplements or treatments or was it just time?


It was just time, l still have a bit of weakness in my legs.. and they ache

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You’re lucky it dissipated. Mine started 10 days ago and feet flare in evening. It’s an awful, anxiety-panic like pain. I’m still trying to cope. How long did you deal with the pain before it abated; did it just go away? I’m usin Percocet for the interim. Anxiety is understandable. I’ve read where walking and mindfulness are coping mechanisms but geez!


I'm sorry to hear that you are in pain, l hope it resolves quickly for you.

My pain lasted flies to eight months, it started with both feet, then calves, then quads. I had severe anxiety and panic attacks..it was awful. It left me with residual pain in my feet and legs..aching but not burning, l am actually having a flare up as we speak and will see my doctor later today. I've tried to verything, acupuncture, massage, chiro, and they all helped a bit. Magnesium, etc . Did they check your B6.. elevated B6 can cause neuropathy, as can certain anti-biotics.

Let me know how it goes! Best of luck


Sorry you’re flared. I feel for you being in pain for so long. That had to be a nightmare! It is for me 10 days in. I have to use pain pills to deal with feet. Otherwise, it’s all consuming.

I,too, am to see the doctor today. I think they’re to check B-6, et al. I really need a neurologist but not available for a month.

Scroll through here. There are 4 supplements referenced. I bought them but too soon to know if effective. They are B1, Alpha Lipoic Acid, B-complex and ? Please post if you get further ideas on dealing with PN. It’s really stressful here, early on, with all the uncertainties and what-ifs=(


FWIW, The other supplements were benfotiamine (?) and Omega 3, fish oil.


Hi vertical - mayoclinic.org has helpful information on pain control with the supplement Acetyl-L-Carnitine and whey protein can increase CD4T , which can help blood count with infections. I had it badly with type 2 diabetes, but was helped by lowering my blood sugar by diet. You might find these supplements online.


Okay. Thanks for the input.


I have had Burning, tingling and pain in both legs and feet for six years, I find being on my feet for any length of time makes the symptoms worse and I honestly feel my doctors do not care. Well I care it is seriously affecting my quality of life.


Have you considered Methadone (3 x 10mg day) and/or Percocet? They take the pain away for 10 hours+.


You are right antibiotics can cause a sudden start to neuropathy, as that is how I got my case in 2002 after two courses of the fluoroquinolone antibiotics until I found out that is what had started it.

And I cured it with injections of B6, methyl B12 and B complex and even used the synthetic form of B6 but as of reading this article a few months ago, I sent it to my doctor to try and convince him that for all his patients it would be better to get the best version of B6. I had told him about methylcobalamin in 2002 and asked for that to cure my neuropathy and he was impressed how I did it so two years later he told me he would have all three of his clinics only use the methyl version of B12 in future, as he is the head doctor and it is his set of clinics, so what he decides is what is used. So now I want to show him this article and show that it is NOT B6 that is the culprit as in effect it was not getting B6 into the body that was the problem.

So please, keep this in mind because if everyone avoided B6 totally as they wrongly think it is the problem as if it were poison, just have mistaken information. The problem is if people take overdoses in high level of the synthetic over time that could be a problem. But I was using in one day 5.1 mg of B6 per injection and did 5 injections a day so that was 25.5 mg a day of even the worst kind of B6 and actually was 50% better by the end of two weeks of that. But that was in addition of mixing in the methyl B12 and the B complex as well. And I took oral supplements as well in normal doses. So it did take a wide range of nutrition and I was not over eating as I was in so much pain I actually lost 10 lbs in three months as I was not eating much and I was a normal weight. So for me the solution was the supplements and the injections.

So B6 was part of the solution and I was even using the synthetic form mentioned in this article by injection. So this is a contradiction in terms. It is NOT B6 which is the villain but it is an essential part of getting better. However all supplements that use the synthetic forms are the ones to avoid and since I bet I am not allowed to mention the name of a professional brand that I use on myself and which gets a 5/5 star rating in a ratings book that ranks 1500 versions of various brands of multivitamin mineral combinations. You can ask me the name in a private message, but it uses the best form of B6 and it does of the other B vitamins, like it does NOT use synthetic folic acid which is not good for people with two genetic issues that make translating that into the right form problematic. So as you know from Dr Ben Lynch, that folate or natural folate sources is the best way to get B9. So the point is synthetics are not the way to get nutrition.

But above all do not think B6 is bad as it is necessary to get cured as it is the inability to get enough B6 which is part of why antibiotics cause neuropathy. Also drugs that are antifungals also kill off that good bacteria and are another way to end up with neuropathy and it is the action of the drugs that spoil the body's way of getting B6 into the body. So that is why when I added in the injections of B vitamins I got better so fast as the injections bypass the need for the friendly bacteria to get B6 into the blood and also the intrinsic factor in the gut to get B12 into the blood.

So here is the enlightening article


how synthetic B vitamins are bad for some people


thank you for sharing


Hi Larcon - have you had mineral deficiency tests such as calcium magnesium potassium,

as if you have a slight deficiency this can cause restless leg syndrome and aches.

If you eat foods such as milk, bananas, dark green vegetables, tomato juice, these contain

these minerals. Tonic water contains quinine and can help muscle cramps, and aches.

Renies indigestion tablets contain magnesium carbonate which helped me with restless legs.


yes i was tested for all of the heavy metals and minerals


Have you had iron and ferritin levels tested as well as vitamin D levels? Expect so but so many people are not aware that vitamin D and iron deficiency with an inability to raise ferritin levels prevents the oxygen from reaching the tissues, and helping the circulation and preventing infections. Still trying to crack the code of neuropathy but slowly fitting the puzzle together.


Welcome to the group. I have numbing Neuropathy just in my feet, w/ the nerves w/ a mind of their own.


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