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my peripheral neuropathy turned out to be psychosomatic.

blood tests showed my erythrocyte sedimentation rate was high but not too high and there is some degeneration in the bones in my neck but everyone my age will have that as well so there was no other reason for it that it must be psychosomatic.

my son died last year and nothing is right any more

as soon as the doctor said that's why and what she thought it must be - 80% of it went and walking home was like walking on air after the last few weeks. the last of it had gone by the morning after

just wondering what it'll be next - because there will be something...

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Stress plays havoc with your mental and physical well being. You relaxed some after knowing you had no physical cause for your issue. I would suggest trying something like therapeutic massage. It helps with my physical pain for short periods by relaxing my body and it might give you you some relief


A research doctor at UC-San Francisco Medical Center told someone I know with neuropathy that the current research shows a clear connection with stress (at least in the non-diabetic, idiopathic cases). My neuropathy came on during a period of tremendous stress also. Sorry about your son. But it's great that realizing the connection and that you have had relief. I can tell that when I am stressed out, the neuropathy is much worse.

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I have been told my sudden onset vulvodynia was psychogenic by a neuro because she said it was impossible for nerve damage to achieve remission and relapse with medication ... but I don't know how I can make mine go away by magic like you did ....

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