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I have been diabetic 2 for 12 years had Neaurpathy for 10 years

I became diabetic 2 in 2005 got Neaurpathy in both feet in 2007.

Now have no feeling from knees to toes in both feet doctor says pain in both sides below ribs painful likely is Neaurpathy .

Past 3 months has gone from both hands up both arms into shoulders and now in to neck moving down back from shoulders l tale nerv pain pills insulin after each meN and 140 units at bedtime

I am told by doctors it will go from neck to skull and brain and will lose memory and body function

Please email me at if anyone can give me info

Having it near 13 years it is getting aggressive can't sleep arms shoulders neck worse pain than feet by far need help and true info what l will face please are there Neaurpathy doctors

Jim Ontario Canada

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Have other possible causes been looked at ? Low thyroid ? - low B12 - Low VitD - Low Magnesium ? - Gluten ?

If your B12 is below 500 you can suffer neurological symptoms. Check out Sally Pacholok on-line 😊

Hope things soon improve ....


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