What to do????

Just joined this forum as I have just woken up with neuralgic pain in my face and jaw. I have been reading about trigeminal neuralgia, and it seems to fit the bill. Doesn't sound a nice thing to have. I must decide whether to ring the surgery for an appointment, but I am a carer for my 91 year old husband and can't get out very well. Life is a challenge these days.

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  • Good luck

  • I have TMJ, and it comes and goes and can last months at a time. At times I scream with the pain and it is constant and exhausting. I wear a neck brace to help, and also have tried everyrthing from TENs to pain pens, heat etc. Apparently cold helps but that's different for everyone. I have EDS and am lots of pain meds anyway so I can take morphine etc to help. I find padding my head and jaw at night with a fleece child's blanket helps to support the jaw and stop it moving during the night. i also have gastroparesis and live on liquids but if I chew anything during the day, I pay for it at night with TMJ. There is very littel that can be done sadly. I've tried jaw braces etc too. Good luck.

  • Goodness me, I have nothing to go complain about, compared with you. So sorry to hear your story and wish you the very best.

    Judy two.

  • Never compare your pain with anyone else, cause you are entitled to feel that life is unfair when you are suffering. There is always someone worse off than you and me, but that just doesn't help to think like that. We all have blessings and we all have our problems, physical, mental, financial, relationshipwise etc.... I just hope that your pain eases! x

  • Morphine does not work on trigeminal and until they found that epileptic drugs work people were in a shocking pain .x

  • Sadly I know, but I have pain from EDS too and gastroparesis, so I take whatever I can get because the different kinds of pain I have need a varioety of drugs! Wish there was a magic pill these days!!!

  • Hi Judy I started suddenly with it last year. Ifthe was January and I have a dog so go out daily. I found that cold for me was a big problem. I feel for you cos it is horrendous pain. Like another comment I readd chewing makes it worse. I am under the care of the dental hospital for sjogrens. They suggested a gum splint at night to rest the jaw and to cover up the face at app times to protect from cold. I was referred to neurologist eventually. I had it 6 months but by the time of my appointment it haddock gonew. I also had an mail. I take prefab aline for nerve pain and he suggested changing to gabapentice if it came back and that's all he said. If it gets out of control they can operate as a last resort. Take care

  • Well it seems to have died down with me. I took just two carbamazepine, and I haven't had a recurrence so far. Fingers crossed.

    Thanks for replying?.jtwo

  • I have had trigeminal neuralgia and it's so bad that the pain stops you in your tracks .Im on an epileptic drug called Tegretol or carbamazepine it makes me a bit do-Lally .Get them to send a dr to you and don't worry about it ,they get paid enough and if you have trigeminal it's very debilitating and tell them you can't leave your hubby ..Hope you get some relief .sending a gentle hug .xx

  • Thanks for the contact. I have been ok since that episode last week, so only took two tablets. More worried re my husband at the moment!


  • I'm sure you are worried about your'e hubby but if it is trigeminal you will have to see your'e doc and soon because it's too painful to ignore . Is there. anyone who could stay either him until you get back from Drs xx

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