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HI everyone. I am desperately in need of some help in figuring out what the cause of the numerous symptoms I have been dealing. First off.. I would like to say that I am a 27 year old female. I do already have a few health conditions . I have a benign Cyst that is placed at the area in which the nervous system is controlled. This was found about 8 years ago because i was having numbness in my hands and feet, as well as seizures. I also am diagnosed my PTSD, OCD, Anxiety, panic Disorder. Borderline Personality Disorder, Narcolepsy, Barthonilin Gland disease (4 drainages), I also have LSIL which is leisons and an abnormal cell count that can result to cervical cancer. (I have had numerous procedures and biopsies for this). Alight now that you know a bit about my diagnosed health problems. Now there is one last thing.. I am very embarassed but here goes. I had a cocaine addiction and occassionally i would snort methamphetamine as well. I started the addiction in March of this year and then decided to take myself to a Detox Treatmeant Center and O stayed for 7 days. While I was there, I got to see a nurse and I showed her that I had a perferation in my nostril septum. I then saw two different ETN specialists. They both told me that I had just enough support in the upper cavity of my nose to hold it up. My septum is a complete perforation. This gives me quite horrible pains especially when trying to talk, sing, run, sneeze, cough and plenty of other activities. One of could quite possibly be connected with my symptoms I have been enduring recently. Here are the symptoms in order as they started.

- Tingling & numbness if hands and feet, cold as well. They also became swollen, red , purple , blue and yellow...

- Vision in my left eye became blurry, turned into a shaking motion, double vision thhen a dark shadow fog like area was seen at the bottom of my vision.

-Excurciating pain then started from my left eye, and down into where my cheek is and down towards the mouth. At that time my cheek started to twitch or spasm like. It seemed to me moving. afterwards the left side of my face was numb and seemed to be pulling towards that side.


- Started to get a huge over all pain in my neck, feeling as though my head was sticking out in front of the rest of my bodies structure. My head felt heavy and my neck felt very stiff

- I then noticed that on the back on my neck I had a lump/ Raised area that seemed to have a fluid in it. Right beside this seemed to look like the top of my spinal cord bulging out under my skin. I then touched 2 of them and I was able to move then around. I found that quite odd so I decided to see iwhat the raised fluid area was like. Stupid me pushed on it and it ended up moving up to the black of my skull and I freaked out and pushed it up even farther and ended up on the top of my head. I felt am electronic current sensation throughout my neck and skull. After that first electric feeling? I began to feel the sensation a number of times throughout the day for about 6 days. It would occur if I had to cough, sneeze, moved my head a certain angle , looked forward, looking upside down and sometimes even when I wasn't moving at all. I believe it was from me having so much muscle tension stiffness that was holding up my head.

Next few days

-Fluxuating between high fever and low temperature

-smelling and tasting strange things that aren't there.

Chest heaviness. chest became raised & inflammed on my right side on the upper ribcage near the collar bone. between my neck and collar bone that is swollen too.

My joints in my fingers seem to be doing arthritis type stiffness. my hands now have been pale, very soft, and super thin looking.

-I passed two stools with blood in it. been having swelling in my right arm. tightness and burning sensation there too. My body seems to look like I am loosing muscle mass and tissues. places are looking thinner. my cheek the had the pain.. is now higher then my other cheek bone. smaller. and my side of my face is pushed in. like nothing is there. .

My jaw feels and looks like it has fallen and not alligned. my teeth are loose feeling. one shoulder and the back of the shoulder is higher then the other. the deteriorating looking side of my face iso thinner looking and my head seems to tilt and push out frof the normal neck alignment . my shoulders have dropped. my back has fatty or fluid like areas and folds. my front area looks like one side curves in more. my posture makes my button stick out. and lower back curves in. then my shoulder are hunched and my neck is extended out forward. I have been have random times where I get leg weakness and have a hard time walking. I will walk with my legs and feet turned inwards. legs feel heavy and if I am swaying back and forth. I have been having a hard to griping things and using pressure of my hands. I have been randomly dropping things. My boyfriend and I have both noticed me doing facial tics ,voice and body muscle tics.

My trachea is swollen. and has a huge lump up close to top connecting to my head. I find it hard to swollow. my collar bone is also positioned way too high up close to my trachea . my head has a few fluid like lumps on it. I have 4 small Cyst like lumps on my pelvic area. the pelvic area is also pertroiding forward of my body. my speech has been off. can't pronounce words I am reading sometimes. I have been stuttering. I sometimes will pause between words. I feel like I am out of it sometimes. oh how last thing. I have had loss of my sensation on fingers and hands. everything I touch feels like I am not touching it.. it feels like something but not what I am actually touching.

I know that is a lot to take in but if anyone has anything to say please please.. any thoughts will help

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Hello, See a doctor ASAP.


I Agee.....You must see a doctor now


I hope you have seen Dr. Some of your symptoms rang bells of B12 deficiency. Look up Dr Chandrys B12 support group. Lack of B12 is not always picked up by blood tests and this is not always realised by Gps. Lack of B12 can cause all kinds of issues.

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