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Peripheral neuropathy in my arms

I have been getting pins and needles... cramp type pains in my arms since October 2013 and finally after years of GP's telling me it is a form of RLS ( restless leg syndrome) and loads of meds including amatryptayline , gabapentin and tramadol with paracetamol and ibuprofen they are finally to refer me to a specialist....! I have stopped the amatryptyline and gabapentin as they do not work at all..even after doctors increased dosages.I stopped them myself.. with GP acceptance, as they were making me feel drunk and forgetful and as I don't drink alcohol at all.. that is not a good way for me to feel.The pains can be in alternate arms and largely in the soft tissue but recently the pains have been coming in the middle of the night,like at 2am in an arm that I am not sleeping on!

Every morning I start the day with aches in my arms and if I don't 1 tramadol and usual dosage of paracetamol and ibuprofen would be very uncomfortable all morning.

Fortunately I don't have problems lifting,carrying or pulling and pushing in the garden and around the house and besides ,by moving as a matter of course seems to get me through the day. If by lunch time the pains are noticeable ,I take the 3 meds again...but I do not take tramadol at night as it keeps me awake.

As I write,I have cramp in my left hand and have to open and close my fingers...for relief - that is after I took my midday meds.

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I was sent to a neurologist at Preston who tested the nerves, a painful experience. I was diagnosed with neuropathy in my feet and slightly in my fingers, I have tried amatriptoline , gabapentin and others but they either don.t work or send me do lally. I now have difficulty walking and am unsteady on my feet. I had a double lung transplant 2years ago and this plus my medication seems to have brought on the problem. Although I am happy to put up with the problem as the transplant has made so much difference to my health I would still love to hear from anyone with the same problem who has perhaps found something that helps.


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