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Peripheral Neuropathy

I'm new to this site, but here is my story . . .

I had been on the drug Zyprexa for three years due to a misdiagnosis and was weaning off of it when my middle toes in both feet sorta felt numb. Actually its more at the metatarsal head where the numbness was felt. A few days later I had numbness in my fingers, but that came and went for a few weeks and disappeared. The toe thing stayed around. I had just started cycling for the season, so I thought it may be that. Went to the doctor, feeling and reflex were fine, so no further testing. It waxed and waned all summer. I thought it might be some sort of diabetes brought on by the zyprexa, checked my blood sugar and it was fine. Moved south for a new job and started cycling to work everyday, 5 miles each way with a 30 lb pack. Had weird sensations in left leg that would come and go. I didn't really have pain, my toes just felt like a block of wood if I was standing or walking for long. When I laid down, I couldn't even tell if I had numbness. If I work my Dr. Scholls gel sandals, I didn't notice the numbness. In the fall I began to feel tightness and weakness in the legs. I started having small fascinations. Then, my hamstrings started to ache. I kept biking through the year and the numbness and weakness got better, but my hamstrings just ached. My biking times never really changed. It took my 20-22 minutes to go 5 miles. The following year, I got off zyprexa totally and began to feel pronounced weakness in my legs and thighs. That continues to today and and I have pain in my hands and forearms. On rainy days it really flares. Last August, I injured the sciatic nerve on my right side and my right foot went really numb on the outside and my leg got really weak. It seems to be getting worse everyday in a sort of up and down fashion. I have gained 40 lbs in a year and my morning fasting numbers are often pre-diabetic 100-125. Doctors ran the usual tests for infection, diabetes, B deficiency, etc. Nothing comes back as a cause. I have herniations in my L5-s1 area and c5 area, but the surgeon doesn't think these have anything to do with it. Thy have done nerve studies on my legs and arms and concluded that I have mild neuropathy in hands and feet. It sure doesn't feel that way to me with the encroaching weakness. They won't do any more tests and pronounce me to be not medically treatable.

What can I do? I take R alpha lipoic acid, b complex and magnesium.

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I have peripheral neuropathy it has taken about 10 years too come too that conclution I have had surgery on myL5 S1 it helped too appoint at time as I could not walk at all now I can it has taken many drugs too be on manageable pain the last 2 years have been my best since 2007 my drugs are DIAZAPAM CITALOPRAM LODINE LONGTE SHORTC THYROZINE AMITRIPTYLINE PREGABALIN OMEPRAZOLE now this is not too say these would suit everyone but they do suit me I also use freeze sprays saliva at peek times keep going too gp and ask for help I have lots done in past that did not help me but may help others


Could it be B12 ? - if your result was under 500 then neurological symptoms can creep in. GP's just happy if you are bumping along the bottom of the range. A B Complex will not give you enough B12.

What was the actual B12 result ? You are legally entitled to all your results so you can monitor your ow progress.

B12 deficiency can become a neurological condition - something I know quite a bit about having suffered sub-optimal levels for years - in fact over 40 years.

The above link will illustrate the points I have made - lots of reading too. Click onto the videos under the heading Films to really appreciate the seriousness of B12D.

What your GP does not know about B12 can harm you ....

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