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Lyrica and alcohol

Ive had fibromyalgia, degenerative disk disease, cervical stenosis, progtesssive degenerative arthritis. Ive just been given a prescription for lyrica i tried the generic a couple years ago and hated it it made me sick non functional now im worried because i do love to have a glass of wine or 1 beer before i go to sleep, because as you probably know sleep ing more than 4 hrs. Is hard to come by . But everything you read says no alcohol wth lyrica but why what is the real risk

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It's not a drug I take myself (I'm on fluoxetine) but I've found this on the web . . . drugs.com/lyrica.html. Basically it is saying it can increase the side effects of the drug plus the usual problems with driving and concentration and focus etc as you would expect.

Personally I have ME/CFS and I have found over the past years that I can't drink any more because of the effect the alcohol has on me with or without drugs. Also be careful of having alcohol as a means of helping you to sleep. I'm not trying to be a killjoy and I'm sure we all do everything we can to help us sleep as it's a major issue for most spoonies. But are you aware that even small amounts of alcohol can actually be a contributory factor in sleep problems, particularly if you have it too close to bed time. And if like me your body is struggling to process alcohol because of your medical conditions it would increase any adverse effects it may have or the time it takes to leave your system before you settle down. I'm not saying don't or trying to tell you what to do, I just hope you are aware of the fact it could be part of the problem with sleep. drinkaware.co.uk/check-the-...

We all react differently to both drugs and alcohol which are after all both poisons, so you will know best what effects they are creating for you. I would just suggest you do a little bit of research first or maybe ask your GP first if they think it's a good idea.

Hope you find the best solution you can to getting some of that all elusive holy grail of sleep!! xxx


Hi there,

I've been on lyrica for around 3.5 years and I've had the occasional drink. I was never particularly fond of drinking anyway so it wasn't likely to impact on the frequency of having a drink.

Due to how the drug works, it speeds up the effect alcohol has on your body so you feel a little more light headed than normal and tired. I find it does make me feel a little more groggy the next day so I feel like I've had more to drink than I have. Exercise moderation and perhaps speak to the doctor that prescribed it.

Hope it works out for you!


Hi ya lyrica and alcohol will stop lyrica from doing what it should do. I can't lyrica as I felt drunk suddenly but I take gabapentin. The odd glass is fine but not every night which could be why you're not sleeping. Fibro makes me sleep for hours and im still exhausted but I have a heat pad at night to help me. Also ask for diazepam as a muscle relaxant. I'm no GP but have a lot of medical problems so it's only personal advice. X


Dont do it !

I had a major over dose mixing Lycra and alcohol and I passed out on my friends sofa and was going in and out of concioness when I was awake I was sick every where then I passed out asleep again and this went on all night

I was supposed to be at home with my boyf

Then I walked home in ice in high heels the next morning and had a major come down


I am taking Lyrica 800mg/day and yes it does make you non functional (confused and clumsy), I think the max dose is 900mg/day, don't drink myself so godd knows what I would be like if I did!


It hasn't killed me yet, though don't take that as an indication to swig wine and take Lyrica!


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