7 years and no answers

7 years and no answers

Just found this site. I have had both feet tingle ever since my liver transplant and am not diabetic or overweight. No Internist knows what to do, neurologist said "it'd not to bad" Gabapenten does not work. I wear flip flop soles in sox to keep toes from curling at night, look like a duck Any suggestions from anyone welcomed. At 68 I don't know where to turn I walk allthe time but it feels lilke broken egg shells.

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  • I've just come back from seeing so called specialist who don't have a clue as too what's wrong with me either tingling in feet and toes fingers lower back pain too they seem to disagree with other things the specailst have said as too what I may have I know how you feel and what's going on in your life I feel so down and empty maybe get more options than what you have had.

  • I have had problems with my feet since I had a double lung transplant. The neurologist said I have nerve damage and so far I have tried a few medication the last one offered was amitryptilin but decided not to take it due to the side effects. I noticed on line some creams that are available and wondered if anyone had tried them. I was given a life after the transplant and just want to enjoy it. All mixed diagnosis on prognosis. Any help or suggestions please.

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