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You come across drunk

I've had menieres disease now for about 15 years,it came out of the blue I got up out of bed one morning felt really out of sorts just thought it was a bad bout of fybro,when I stood up the room was spinning I had no sense of direction,and I walked into the wall,it was horrible,even trying to walk to the bathroom I was clinging on to anything I could get my hands on,I felt as though I had been out on the drink and had drank myself stupid.The feeling of the room spinning I couldn't look up without the room spinning,it was horrendous,I went on for over a week,luckily I was at the hospital that week I couldn't walk straight so my son took me in the wheelchair for my own safety,the doctor did some test and that was what I was diagnosed with.

you never know when your going to have an attack it just comes on out of the blue,I have found just lying down instead of trying to fight it is better for me,it's not like my fybro like a bad day I try to pace my self,you can't do that with menieres disease,it's a bad kindof vertigo as I said before I'm best if I just lie down,take my tablets and let it run its course sometimes it's about 5 days when I start feeling a little better,sometimes it can be longer.

If you have anything similar it pays you to go straight to the doctor and get some medication as it will go on for a heck of a long time,the longest I have suffered with an attack is 17 days that was before I got a tablet that worked for me.

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What are your B12 levels ?

Docs are notoriously bad at diagnosing B12 deficiency. Which as you can see from the above link - causes many neurological conditions. A result below 500 will present with neurological issues.

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I've recently been diagnosed, bit of a relief to prove to people that I'm not a drunk. I don't actually drink.

I like this picture to describe Ménière’s Syndrome it's very apt x


Thank you for writing this as I DO have exactly those symptoms and have been diagnosed with vertigo but interestingly my mother used to have Meniere's so now wonder whether I might have the same. I will ask the GP when I see her in a couple of weeks time. What meds do you take for it? Also does it affect your vision? Mine seems fuzzy every day for a while, then usually that passes once I settle into one activity - though of course with the fibro staying in one place doesn't help with pain... Grr.


I suffer horrendously from vertigo. My grandfather had meniere's disease and around 5 years ago I had tests and in my notes it was written I probably suffered from it aswell. My grandfather's issues didn't start till he was 48 and it didn't get really bad till he was 75. I've suffered since I was 15 and can have weeks of dizziness. I take betahistine for it and stemitil for the sickness when it's bad.


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