How you doin?

Wanted to check in with everyone and see you all of you are, my week has been up and down with the end of the week been bad with a massive fibromyalgia spell, yesterday was a little easier and I even forced myself out for a meal, my boyfriend helped me but it boosted my mood as two days of incredible pain and lack of being able to move my body was depressing. For the first time it affected map upper body in a massive was and couldn't even brush my teeth or hair. It made me feel so low as even when my spine or knees are bad I would do my hair, make up and personal care and try to look normal. But this morning although the pain is bad I can make small movements so I am thank full for that and will make the best of the day as the sun is shining.

I wanted to say a big warm hello to you all and wish you a lovely day.... Keep smiling it reduces wrinkles hahahahaha xxxx

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  • It does reduce the wrinkles that is why I still look like a baby :) not haha I like that made me chuckle. You know small movements are a big improvement hang in there and you will feel so much better gentle hugs ((((((((())))))))) xgins

  • I love the fact you put gentle hugs.... It shows you know that big hugs are a painful thing so a big thank you for that and gentle hugs back to you xxxx

  • Plodding on hon thanks :)

  • That's what we do.... Plod, keep smiling and lots of gentle hugs xxx

  • today we have sun on a bank holiday! there will be pigs in the sky next.....seriously all these little improvements (temporary as they sometimes are) mean we are getting better, don't they? I seem to spend one day up and two days down at the moment. That is ok as long as it fits in with my duties as a grandma and the friends and exhibitions I want to see. Life is still a juggling act even in retirement, and some people worry that it will be boring!

  • I feel that way too, but the good days are worth cherishing, enjoy the exhibitions that's my aim to go to more art galleries and spend more days out seeing our lovely countryside xxxx gentle hugs xxx

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