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Hello I'm new

Hello I'm 30 when I was 10 and 13 I was ran over by 2 different cars (neither my fault which is wild)

I had a shattered pelvis and was the youngest child in the Royal in Belfast to have an external facatur holding my pelvis together while I was scrapped out with most of my bones broke

20 years on I have been diagnosed with global pain

Which is when you are so used to pain you will never be out of it

I have given up on the nhs as their tablets never work

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When you say you've given up with the NHS what are you doing to try help with the pain ?

Do you think your body may have been come accustomed to the tablets and that a change or combination may help.

Your GP is there to help. Ask to be referred to the pain clinic .. don't give up, especially if you're in a huge amount of pain.

Do you think other treatments may help? For example, Hydrotherapy ? nice warm pool. Don't swim or even move about, just float in the water .. soft hugs xx



I have had chronic pain for 21 years

I've had loads of different treatments and tablets including morphine

Pain clinic ,Counciling

Even a life accesment

I smoke cannabis it numbs me

I feel I waste time going to the doctor ;)

My parents own a pool

I should swim more

I used to swim 5 days a week but have reduced that to 1/2 a week X


I don't mean a swimming pool, a Hydrotherapy pool .. its kept at a steady temperature of around 80+ degrees and its great just to float and let the warmth seep in x

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Does it numb for a while or do that and help heal? X


My heart goes out to you. Diane

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OMG, I feel for you, I know what it is like to be in chronic pain 24/7 with no relief, and no relief with all of the pain medications, as in time your body just get's used to them.

I suffer from a progressive debilitating disease called Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, and has put me in a wheelchair, I cannot go to discribe the pain, I feel like cutting off my limbs, it's that severe.

Keep pestering the NHS, eventually you may be refered to a Pain Management Clinic, or go to your local A&E Department like I did and spend 6 hours in there, whilst they tried to find a pulse in my legs and feet!

I have now been refered to another Hospital to have a Spinal Cord simulator fitted, as this is my final hope.

Don't just give up, please.

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Search on you tube for chronic pain

Insomnia music

It's great to listen to in bed really helps me


I some times would love to chop my leg off

Here what's good is sunshine abroad and good music

That's where I'm

At my happiest

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And chop my back off


Yes, I know exactly what you mean! I had an appointment with my consultant last week, and he saw my feet for the first time in 9 months, he couldn't beleive his eyes! he felt my feet and said that they were ice cold (not surprising as they were purple!) any way I have been referred to have an op, something about a Spinal Cord Stimulator Implant, I been on Fentanyl for ages and it's not doing any good, also lyrica (800mg)

When you decide to chop your leg off let me know and we'll do it together, as I told him that I was going to cut off my legs if nothing was done pretty soon, maybe that's what you have to do to get things moving with the NHS.

Good Luck

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Type into YouTube music for chronic pain insomnia

It helps me sleep


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