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Family member considering euthanasia

I am at a huge lost. Countless doctors, specialist, tests of every sort. Psychiatrists. The cocktail of drugs, keyhole tests. Invisible illness indeed. I am a very scientific person myself. I try to put logic into it and it doesn't provide me the answers.

My sister has been loosely diagnosed with fm. She suffers massive bloating, nausea, dizzy spells. Her head is spinning constantly. She is severely depressed. Docs have prescribed anti depressants but the side effects seem to make things worse.

Now she is contemplating euthanasia. She has had this unexplainable pain for 3 to 4 years. With nothing from tests.

We have tried western and eastern medicines. Painkillers do nothing. I am at a lost to what more we can do and fear that she wants to end her life.

I try to put a strong front but I feel so helpless.

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I have had FM for 30 years and it took 15 years to be diagnosed. It is a trying illness. Has your sibling tried the exclusion diet whereby for a specified time all modern foods are removed inc; dairy, wheat, yeast etc. It can provide complete relief in some cases when ones most reactive food are food and remain excluded. It is best to do with support to ensure you do not miss out on essential nutrients.

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Has your sister had her thyroid tested ? And not JUST the TSH - which does not tell the full story. It is very important to have the FULL profile done - TSH FT4 FT3 as well as the Thyroid Anti-bodies - Anti-TPO and Anti-Tg. Many Docs say they have tested the Thyroid and declare all is well when often they test only the TSH which is not a reliable test and isn't a thyroid hormone anyway.

T3 is the ACTIVE thyroid hormone and is needed in every cell of the body for it to work correctly - all 10 trillion cells. That includes the cells of the brain where there are more receptors for T3 than anywhere else in the body. The gut has the second highest amount. If the T3 is low then it can be the cause of things beginning to go wrong. Low thyroid hormones and Depression together is well documented.

Also important to have OPTIMAL levels of Iron - Ferritin - Folate - B12 - VitD. Being just in range is not enough. Low levels or just in range will be declared Normal by your Doc and nothing will be done. Am afraid we have to take control and obtain all the results with ranges of blood-tests done to see how things are looking. It is everyones right to have copies of tests for their own records. Click onto Health Conditions at the TOP of the page.

Hope this helps this very sad situation. Maybe it is just the simple things in life that need improving :-) Docs are not trained in preventative medicine - far easier to dole out the pills.... :-(


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