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I have GAD and fibro with ibs, benn suffering badly for over 15 months, and have relying on my husband to drive me about, but about 4weeks ago my husband had a stroke and I have been having to go and see him in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham, he has now been transferred to a rehabilitation Hospital, the effort of going to see him has taken its toll on my health, and I am in agony every time I go to see hill, there is only my Son and me and he lives at Melton Mowbray, don't how long he will be there for and have to take a taxi everytime, it is costing me a fortune, and do not know what the outcome will be.

I am worried sick, and can't take meds as they give me too many side effects,

My husband is 82 and I am 78 and get fibro between the shoulder blades, legs, arms,

Tingling, and at night get every symptom of this horrible affliction.

Just joined this site so thought I would say Hallo.

Sorry about the moan.

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Hi fluffymare,welcome to the site! So sorry to hear about your health & your husbands.

You are certainly having a struggle t the moment,& my heart goes out to you.

Please don't apologise about having a moan,you have every reason too,& this is what these sites are for,to be able to unload.

I'm sorry that I dont have any answers for you,except for maybe seeing a social worker at the hospital.just wanted to let you know you are in my thoughts,

Gentle hugs to you,& do let us know how you & hubby get on. xxx


Thank you for your reply, and your very kind thoughts, my husband is making quite good progress, for his age, but having to go and see him every other day is certainly putting my anxiety and fibro under great strain, and not knowing what the final outcome will be is quite overwhelming, and could take weeks.

But have to remain calm when visiting for his sake.

I can't drive at the moment because my fibro fog is badly affecting my balance, but some of my neighbours have been very good, and have taken me to the hospital which is quite a distance away.

Why can't they find a cure for this horrible disease, it affects so much of your quality of life, especially trying to take in what the rehabililitation team are trying to tell me bout the plan for my husbands future.

I will keep in touch and thank you again for your thoughts


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