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i had my appointment with my work programme advisor today she was going on about me emailing her my CV and going in again on tues thats only 3 days since last saw her she worked out my earnings coming in now and my earnings coming in if and when i do 16 hrs 20hrs 30hrs and 371/2 hrs work telling me how much better i would be by working i said do u realise i am nearly 57 worked up2 3 years ago were i was in a job for 9 years and was laid off due to ill health my problem bein g so much pain in arms and now hands im at a stage were a dread having to go unless im ill and cant make it i constantly cry im scared of being sancationed as i live on my own no other income i feel like im being pushed into finding and going to work im waiting to hear whether i can be put into support group as i cant cope anymore any help plz as to wat to do xx


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Hello angie,

First i would go to your doctor and explain you health symptoms, let them how you feel every day and the struggle you have just getting through the day......This will go onto your health file, Ask your GP to support your application for getting on the support group.

Have you applied for DLA / PIP ? this can help and support your needs and home expenditure too.

Visit the CAB for help and advice, Maybe you might be entitled to other benefits to help your situation.

I know from past experiance that Job centre plus are really pushing disabled people in to any type of work or work training just to get them off benefits and to make the job centre figures look better...... This government want the unemployed numbers to come down and make them look good for the election.

I really wish you get the help and support you clearly need.

My best wishes, Steve x



I have just read your post.

It sounds like your adviser is really putting pressure on you, is that at job center or are you on a programe like at A4E, that's who I am with I'm also in WRAG. They cant make you apply for work, I had to do some short course eg CV, cover letters but that wasn't to bad, I see my adviser once a month, they can do your appointment on the phone as well.

As long as you go along with your appointments I can't imagine you will get sanctioned, I do worry about this as I am also on my own.

Do you go on facebook, there are some good groups on there, the best one being fightback, they offer advice and support about benefits/sanctions/appeals etc.

Hope your not too stressed.

Take care Gill


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