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I am new to site and would like to correspond with other fibromyalgia sufferers, I have just been diagnosed but problems started around two years ago.

My new doctor is weaning me off Gabapentin, which I have taken for last 15 years, as have disc problems in lower back , middle back and neck.

Can anyone advise me if there is any medication which helps with fibromyalgia,? at the moment I take Tramadol (taken for 15years) also take Naproxen and Amitriptyline, take Amitriptyline at night as have big problems sleeping due to pain.

Looking or advice


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  • Morning Christine

    There is some very good advice of the Fibro action pages about differnt meds that we take and how they affect us.

    Your list of meds is actually very usual for Fibro,

    Good luck


  • Morning Gins

    I am finding that there is an overload in information on Fibro, the reason I find the meds I am taking not effective is that I have been taking them for problems for my discs and nerve damage for around 16-18 years.

    The most frustrating problem I find with fibromyalgia is the chronic pain and constantly feel exhausted.

    Thats my moan over for today.



  • HIYA I SLEEP SLEEP SLEEP im constantly tired and im on esa i have to attend a work programme and now they want me to start looking for jobs ive just recieved lower rate dla for care as my main problem is my arms were im really struggling im 55 and have worked all my life since i was 15 and they still trying to make me work ive only been diagnosed since dec 09 and was laid off from my job thru ill health i can sleep for 6 days how do i explain this to my adviser at work programme that i will struggle to get a job thru arm pain and sleeping anyone any ideas plz thanks

  • Dear Christine

    This site may help you to overview the treatment of fibromyalgia :

    Prior of all consult with a specialist first :)

  • Hi

    Thank you for the above review site, I will look through it today.

    As for seeing specialist, my doctor made an appointment, but specialist cancelled the appointment and sent me to physiotherapist or her to evaluate me on points system, the specialist informed my doctor that he was too busy to be bothered with patients suspected of having fibromyalgia, hows that for patient care.

    Thank you for your help.



  • I understand what you mean christine and I hope you find the right person, the site includes experiences of patients with the case :)

  • The best known alternative solution, which I sought, and decided to pursue as a practice, is Field Control Therapy (FCT) ( There are only a handful of practitioners however.

    FCT treats the causes of disease, one of which is medication, which unfortunately only treat symptoms, to alleviate them.

    Keep in mind that solutions are not immediate, but will require multiple sessions of FCT and some discipline in diet and electromagnetic abstinence.


  • Hi

    I have Cervical disc problems so understand how you feel being on same meds for years, they stop working I had a moan they have put me on MST 5mg which is a slow release

    morphine based tablet.

    I am going to my first pain clinic tomorrow and hope to get off some of the tablets if possible as I drive and work pt, and am scared of my slow reactions to things, I have been told they will offer alternatives to meds hope so ??.

    gently hugs Cowsrock.

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