Good days

Hi I just wanted to say after a big spell of being so poorly bed was my main place to be, I have had three good days, my pain from my joint conditions are still present and hard work but the fibromyalgia symptoms are low which has made me feel nearly normal for a bit, I still can't walk far and need to rest but the other symptoms being so low have allowed me to be a big part of the family again and my house is looking on top form which is how it used to be. Can't say what has helped the situation and don't know how long it will last but am living every second with a smile. Hope you are all doing well, and hope you all get days like I am having and can smile too. Xx

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  • well done loopy lou.. the Nras site which im also on has people with all types of inflammatory arthritis and fibromylagia.. have a look x

  • Loopy Lou that is marvelous news may it continue all summer xgins

  • I am so glad to hear that Loupylou and I wish you continue feeling better and better, you may have found the way ( food, drinks, meds, lifestyle and etc. ) which works on you.

  • Been four days now that I have been in a better way but spoke too soon, been in a horrendous way for two hours now but it was nice while it lasted. I enjoyed a freer time and need to cherish them as they happen,I am now in pain spasms all over and can't talk or walk using one finger to type as the rest are too painful. Hoping my daughter can help me have a hot shower soon to help... Take care guys x

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