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8 months down the line

so glad for this site, I live in denmark and was told in september that i have a funtional paralysis on my right hand side. It started in May when I was admitted to neurological ward, at first they thought i could be ms because my spinal fluid, testet positiv however nothing shows up on MR Scanning. I'd had for several months tingling and numbness in my right thigh, which spread down my leg then up the right hand side of my body. I started to limp by the time I got til hospital my right leg was trailing behind and I had problems with my right arm. Extremely tired, slept every minute i could and had difficulty finding words. Really scarry. I was sent home efter a week, still with the same symptoms although had regained mere mobility. Was told to take my time in getting back to work and to cut my work load and any stressfull situations. I'm a mother to three, own business and gymnastics instructor in my free time. I did all this and for 3 weeks in august I was walking normally, still tingling and numbness but I could live with that, Had started working 10 hours a week, which was ok, then I started getting really tired again, my symptoms got worse and started limping really badly again. This time I was in hospital 3 days where I was told that I have a funtional paralysis´, they only know a little about how the brain works and there was nothing they could do, they have organised fysio training at the local gym otherwise I was on my own and shouldnt come again unless some other symptoms appear... Great help! Since september I,ve had odd days where i dont limp but its getting longer and longer inbetween. I can feel when things are getting worse, I get really tired and feel like I´m hitting a brick wall then headaches, lots of pain which is now also starting in my left hand side which im sure is because I am using it much more. Life is a challange, thankfully I have a good husbund and family and friends, although it hard for them to understand, especially my children. I have a strong faith that keeps me going and no matter what I'm not giving up. so God Bless everyone out there who is going through this disorder, just knowing I'm not alone is a comfort and knowing that although I can't do everything I used to, there are still things and people that make my life worthwhile.

Keep smiling and Keep Hoping...


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we are all in this together. :)


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